The Jews Vs the Britons fight shows how to help the jewish lobby and Israel is always a big mistake: whatever power they gain they’ll use it against you.


While the Jews claim to have been given the land by God, in reality they are beggars of foregn aid and exploit other people’s countries throught their lobby.

The fight of the Jews against the Germans is well known, but what the books of history let go with little notice, while focusing  on the Holocaust, is the fight of the Jews against the british empire, though it is mortifying for the Britons who have wrongly helped the Jews setting up a jewish state in Palestine and have been after that expelled from Palestine by the same jewish immigrants they had set free from Hitler – together with the americans and the russians – because, after asking the permission to the King of England to set up a jewish state in Palestine promising that they would live togetehr with the local arab population, when the Britons required that they respected the pacts their soldiers were object of murder and the King David Hotel where the the government of the mandatory Palestine had its headquarter was blown up in terror attack carried on with the command of a jewish officer who would lately become israeli Prime Minister – such Menachem Begin -.

Now you can find the details on wikipedia, that’s not the point, the point is that the Jews didn’t conquer Palestine, but led the Britons to fight against the Germans, Hitler, and to give them the right to set up a jewish state in mandatory Palestine where they promised would live in peace with the arabs, once given this, they backstabbed the Britons and said Palestine was given to them by God and the britons and the muslims should fuck off. Not only, all this while in Britain the Rothschilds, aka the bosses of the zionists, organized an extremely anti-patriotic british Left that would undermine the military capacity of Britain, pushed the britons against the compulsory military service, pushed them also to take drugs and obviously the open borders theory to fill Britain with non christian immigrants who very often don’t risk to become patriots or serve the Queen and Country, now they, the Rothschilds, aka always the fucking bosses of the zionists, are pushing for legalization of sharia tribunals that would create an apartheid de facto between the muslim population and the christian population, a juridical apartheid that would bring to two parallel societies, completed with parallel jurisdicial systems and adding the immigration from muslim countries would bring two populations living on the same territory but under two different laws and this would bring to the clash. They know it and they want it, don’t be fooled and don’t you dare and say “it’s not the jews” because I shoot you, yes, of course it’s not only the jews it’s the zionists, idiot who thinks differently.

Later on, Israel after killing the best friends britons – why did they do the war against Hitler, then? – they also declared the independence of the state of Israel, independence so to say, because they went on through freemasonry and the AIPAC and the ADL begging literally for money of foreign aid by the states where they clinged like leeches in, not least they put their hands on the books of history de facto cancelling all the records of the jewish killings, massacres, backstabbings, terror attacks etc. while bloating the Holocaust where they were the poor, presumably innocent, victims, managing even to make approve the opinion crime against the people, particularly historians, who contradicted them, even with historic evidences in their hands. Particularly about the 6 millions jews allegedly killed in Auschwitz, I would like people to think about 6 millions the number, it’s moreover like twice London all deads, I mean you have to imagine London with all londoners dead, twice. Where are all these corpses in Auschwitz and Dachau, idiots who believe them? There isn’t even the physical space to contain twice the population of London even incinerated. The Jews to complete the quadre didn’t want the scientists to go and dig in Auschwitz to do the DNA tests to see how many people got killed because they say it’s a sin to undig the deads…Therefore their necessity of the opinion crime: you don’t say it or you go to jail. Why? Only because they managed to put freemasons as judges and in the political system to approve such a stupid law. The historians, thanks to them, the generous jews, cannot even dare and discuss it. Therefore we must abolish the opinion crime in all its forms. End of.

But let’s go on, the jews in the shape of the liberal leftists in Britain and in the shape of the tough israeli militaries in Israel helped Argentina in the Falklands war against Britain, Rothschild paid the leftists in Britain to say they want no war, they want peace, no imperialism etc. and at the same time paid the israelis for refurbishing of weapons the argentinians to take the Falklands to the Britons, by luck they lost but…

After this there’s only one lesson: Israel and the jews must be abandoned, they must never be helped no matter whether they’re right or wrong about a wall in Palestine because whatever help you give them, they’ll use the power they get against you.

Add the vulgarity of making continuously movies where they are the poor victims and the monstrous habit that the israeli Prime Minister must have been involved in terror attacks and the evidences that they even did 9/11 against their other best friends, the americans, and so on and on and on… Charlie Hebdo, Paris shooting, the site by Rita Katz broadcasting fake videos of islamists and the Mossad training Al Qaeda, Al Nusra and the fight against Trump and all nationalist Parties in the world; fight that is always led by jewish donors and millionaires and the black lives matter, last but not least.

The Britons must take the Balfour declaration and burn it, detach themselves completely from Israel and the Jews and arrest the male members of the Rothschild clan who are just eight: Jacob Rothschild, his son Nathaniel, Evelyn Rothschild with his sons David and Anthony, the french David de Rothschild with his son Alexandre, Edouard de Rothshcild a french/israeli again. It’s only eight people, the female members can be left in peace but they must lose the bank. Like this, the white christians will become the dominant ethnicity again and the arabs will be left in peace: they can keep Northern Africa and we keep Europe and we can also be in good relationship.

As for the conviction of some that the real chief of Freemasonry is the brother of the King of England, as for I can see, it is Rothschild instead, and freemasonry is damaging Britain and its Royals deeply. Whether then Rothschild is the brother of the King of England, I can’t say.

“Since Prince was in Apollonia…since O. J. had isotoners…

don’t act like I never told ya.”

Paola Distilo

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