In the UK there is a Right wing government and it must not take any immigrants in France there is a lefty one, The French must vote Right wing and don’t take immigrants too.

François Hollande talks as if he and Theresa May were the same, the Britons instead of voting Labour like idiots voted Tories stating that they don’t want anymore mass immigration and to help the poor on the UK soil, though they are very generous sending money abroad, this is the democratic will of the people: we help the poor abroad sending them money through our government but in the UK we don’t take them any longer to keep society cohesive. This democratic will, corroborated by the Brexit vote is good and must be upheld.

The French instead of voting Le Pen, insisted like silly kids voting “socialist” and now they have the third world in France. A normal government even socialist would round up the immigrants and with the help of the african or asian state they come from send them back there and send the message: “Who pays a human trafficker to be smuggled to France will always and only have lost the money. Did you pay 12.000 euros to be smuggled to Italy or France? You’ve just lost 12.000 euros”. The influx would stop as soon as the message is translated and broadcast in english and arab. François, this is the solution, don’t behave as if France were a platform through which immigrants gets smuggled across Europe. And if David or Alexandre or Edouard de Rothschild say something, shoot them. Moreover the leftists insist photographing real children and then leave the real children in Calais for other foto-opportunities and send youngsters to be smuggled to Britain.

FRANÇOIS HOLLANDE claims the Calais Jungle has been “wiped off the map for good” despite 1,500 minors STILL living there.

Source: Hollande tells UK to take in MORE Calais Jungle children | World | News | Daily Express

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