And this is the Parliament that should have a final say on Brexit? -More than 150 Tory MPs APPROVE Keith Vaz’s appointment to Justice Committee despite Labour MP facing a police probe into rent boys scandal

Change parliament or better go the General Elections and change MPs, these actual MPs are so corrupted that they would give Brexit away; at least UKIP’s Farage or BNP’s and Britain First’s people don’t “rent boys” and give them cocaine and then appoint themselves at the Justice Committee. Change MPs, for the next british general elections we editors, particularly political editors, must investigate to select the candidates who are not sodomites, drugs addicts and illuminati-friendly, and Ok, we can do it. Are they all pigs these MPs? I mean, is it normal and respectful to rent boys and give them coke so they oppose less resistance to the same sex – same male sex to be precise -?

Send this parliament of pigs home, they cannot decide for the fishermen and the workers or to protect children from child abuse. In another media outlet I read they want, these men and women, to teach children about porn at the earliest age possible (?) Yes, why not. When are they going to legitimize the marriage MP-dog? I believe the dogs are getting scared, please animalists come out to defend them. And do you know who’s the MP who wants to teach kids and children about porn? The MP for Rotherham, the infamous Sarah Champion who looks like a positive witch and is a leftist but writes also for the Telegraph, the establishment’s newspaper. The british establishment seems a bucket of gays and paedophiles, if there is a healthy part of it, it must take over.

But we editors will work more to detect the clean candidates for the next elections and did you see how these people dare and talk about Trump? What’s up with Trump? That he doesn’t like boys, btw? They, these people are “scandalized” at Trump. Hide yourselves forever. New general elections now.

Just five MPs – all Tories – opposed Mr Vaz’s nomination to Parliament’s powerful Justice Committee in the Commons last night after Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen forced a vote.

Source: More than 150 Tory MPs APPROVE Keith Vaz’s appointment to Justice Committee despite Labour MP facing a police probe into rent boys scandal | Daily Mail Online

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