Month: November 2016

It might seem extreme but the new way of communication is direct, can you remember the “feud” about what “Twisted Transistor” meant? Well it’s the same difference between the internet and the Alt Right on one side and the left and television on the other.

It’s a bit sexist and also quite rude but it explains well the difference between the internet and the Alt Right on one side and television and the left on the other: The song is Twisted Transistor that Korn, television… Read More ›

I have to share this: leftwing ugkly bearded Hollywood director & the Alt-Rightwinger on the plane and…it’s facebook’s “fault” again. Mark, they’ll never forgive you for having taken away from them the monopoly on the thought…

Look at his face: depressed, bearded, somewhat resigned and blames facebook because it is an “ego boosting chamber” where anyone and I say anyone can show off he has more followers than he who’s a liberal who works in, oh… Read More ›

Ambrose Evans Pritchard “Fears Italy may need 40bl bail-out for its banks and if the populists win…” yes and if Renzi wins instead? Can it be any better? No, it can’t because we must exit and stop.

I’m a bit fed up with the people who pretend, knowingly, the problem of Europe is “the populists” or in Italy Beppe Grillo not to mention the “far right”; from their comfortable positions in their offices where they pay you… Read More ›

The Lefty politicians really do illegal things, they must be all prosecuted and sacked: Merkel gave Hillary Clinton german taxpayers’s money against Donald Trump, Foundation received £4M German taxpayer cash pre-election | World | News | Daily Express

The lefty politicians feel entitled to do illegal things: they must be ousted from power and in JAIL. All they do is illegal and then lecture the others, they are disgusting and must be over, both Hillary and Merkel. Is… Read More ›

Auschwitz survivor paid by Alexander Van der Bellen to tell people not to vote Strache. Chelsea supporters still sing anti-semitic songs, in the meantime the refugee crisis. How Europe can be saved only by the Right wing just as well, I’m sorry for the Auschwitz survivor, but I don’t hang myself for her.

Another Auschwitz survivor, if it is true ’cause she wanted to be called Gertrude which is not her real name and cannot be identified to check her story, well she was recruited, a bit vulgarly I must say, by Alexander… Read More ›

Donald and his Team are Great, but the patriots in the institutions must watch out. The traitors want to use this last month in “power” to destroy relationship with Russia. Ukraine set missiles on russian territories and criminal EU is on their side. They want WWIII before Donald can save it.

This is a difficult post, but I must warn the Donald and his Team, they are doing great, all of them from Jared Kushner to Mike Pence – hey Mike, I’m also against abortion and the gender anthropology, I’m a… Read More ›