The “Karma Police” wants Renzi & Alfano wiped out together with Bergoglio. Berlusconi President of the Republic, Salvini at the Home Office, Tremonti Prime Minister may work much better and if they’re nothing good either, please God You choose.



God, the Lord, the karma Police angels all want to wipe out Renzi, Bergoglio & Co.: they are destroying Italy together with the actual and the previous President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella and Giorgio Napolitano. They want to substitute christian, though sinners, italians with new african  asian all muslim immigrants and God seems to want to cancel the beautiful physical signs of Christianity Renzi and Bergoglio “use” unjustly to make publicity to themselves while promoting the Anti-Christ, it’s like God says “you don’t deserve all this anymore, if it’s Islam and Africa you want you’ll have it”. At this point I ask God’s Justice, it would be good to wipe these people, Renzi, Alfano,Bergoglio, all the PD that promotes sodomy and gay adoptions out and leave us with a destroyed but clean Italy: God do Your Justice, but leave us without Bergoglio, the “Illuminati”, the gay lobby of the PD and the israeli connection. I won’t do like Moses who prayed for God not to destroy the unfaithful Israel or like Abraham who prayed Him not to destroy Sodoma or even to save Lot, who lately raped his own daughters. I believe God Knows better. Does He want to wipe the actual catholic, masonic, Illuminati PD’s Italy? To recreate it pure and all new? Do it. Why should I want to save Renzi and Bergoglio or Carlo DeBenedetti’s Italy? They even used taxpayers’ money to do a theatre gay play when gays really sodomized one another, I want them wiped out, all gay “culture” is disgusting and they actually deserve being considered not normal: to give them babies is out of the question, if you see them you understand they are degenerate, Alan Turing included who was accused of raping men, in the best case you can say they’re ill.

I want all the masons wiped out, catholics and jews. The best thing we can do is to wipe out DeBenedetti’s Italy, the Italy of Mani Pulite, of the communists in power and the socialists in jail. I want Berlusconi President of the Republic and Matteo Salvini Minister of the Home Office, and maybe Giulio Tremonti Prime Minister, not Parisi. Let us not put too many intentions in the prayers, pray all: “God do what You like on earth as in Heaven, You know better.” And if Berlusconi, Salvini and Tremonti are nothing good either, please Lord You choose at this point, no Illuminati, pro-Israel & co.

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