Earthquakes, Frontex, the UNESCO vote and why the jewish lobby is a burden in every nation – Video – Prayer for Italy, Europe and the world.

Video Message about the actual situation:

Please Readers, pray with me, at the end of the video, pray together with other people for God save us all, enlighten our minds and make us do and say and write the right things, for Italy is being ripped by earthquakes in the middle and Renzi and Alfano don’t want, but they must, stop taking immigrants and stop this folly of Frontex. As for Israel, if I think that it’s they who organized the “refugee crisis”, and they did, and even my village is menaced to be sent compulsorily these people, well my motto has become: do never help Israel. Not even at the UNESCO. Israel must be completely isolated. Israel and all the jewish lobby must be considered the first enemy, if you think about the “karma police” and that Mussolini and Hitler didn’t attract so much “bad karma” as the Left, guided by the israeli zionists and the jesuits, is attracting now; no earthquakes in Italy and Germany as a godly punishemnt for the “Holocaust” and moreover after the war, that we lost, we reconstructed, without the Jews, the third and the fifth economic powers in the world, being the first and the second USA and Russia, this happened probably because the countries were lightened up of the “burden” of the anti-nationalist jewish lobby that always pushes a nation against its real economic and social interests, see what they’re doing, Mandelson Rothschild and co. in Britain against Brexit, or Rothschild and the other jews in France against deporting the immigrants to Africa or obviously DeBenedetti and Elkann in Italy for supporting Frontex, we’ll end up re-abilitating Hitler. Or at least we’ll have to admit that the Jews had really done the plot. Now they did it, they probably had done it also in the thirties. It is clear therefore that the jewish lobby is a burden in every nation used actively against the economic and social interests of the nation; you can check in yours.

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