Black Shirt Harry. But it doesn’t mean he’s a fascist, in fact the first “black shirt” wasn’t Mussolini, he was…a relative of Harry’s ancestor…the near mythical Robert Guiscard.


Look at this – the above – photograph, I was reading, passing by, the latest gossip about super-hot actress Prince Harry was besotted with till yesterday, after being besotted with Maria Olympia, after Chelsea and Cressida that I know, and I was wondering with a strange feeling and I didn’t know, couldn’t realize what it was, then I stated she’s too hot to be a Princess, than I moved on “Prince Harry likes it hot, if they’re not hot it’s he who doesn’t want them” then I moved on, moved on then I realized it, I wasn’t hit by the princess-candidate or by the fact she has a blond irish father and a black mother, what really had impressed my mind is that Prince Harry was wearing a black shirt. Then I went back on the photographs and I realized it harryinblack2 I am italian he isn’t, moreover I’ve always defended the praxis of de-politicizing the colours, because you can’t not wear red or you’re a communist or not wear a black shirt or you’re  a fascist, moreover in Italy it was theatre actors, also the leftists, who said they couldn’t avoid the black shirt because particularly in the one man show it’s the kind of clothe that brings the spectator to focus on the face of the actor. Look at Keanu Reeves super elegant in black shirt

kreevesblackshirt But there is another story, apart that in the article about the besottement the girl for once wasn’t blond, she’s mixed race half african half irish/nordic. So Harry is unguilty etc.

You know what? Benito Andrea Amilcare Mussolini wasn’t the first man called “black shirt” in Italy, he just used it, the real, original “black shirt” is a historical, almost mythical figure, the Norman Conqueror Robert Guiscard also known as Robert d’Hauteville in french/german or in the italian transcription Roberto d’Altavilla. Well Robert Guiscard, who was Duke in my region, was relative with an ancestor of Richard Lionheart and his father, Tancred d’Hauteville – in italian known as Tancredi d’Altavilla – belonged to the norman aristocracy that would take the thrones of half of Europe, Britain included, in fact Hauteville is a rock in Normandie in front of Britain, now there is Calais full of immigrants.

Well, try and guess what Robert and his brother Roger did? The opposite of Renzi and Alfano: they kicked the muslims out of Sicily, re-consacrated the Dome of Palermo that the muslims had transformed into a mosque, but after kicking away the powerful muslims and liberating the christians from the condition of submission in which the muslims had put them, didn’t do the ethnic cleansing of the non rich ones letting them trade with northern Africa and the other muslim countries, the Altavilla-Hohestaufen is the family breed of Emperor Frederick II, son of Henry.

Robert used to wear the black shirt precisely during the campaign of Sicily in the war against the muslims headed by the Emir of Syracuse and why? To scare the enemy? people may think. No, much more cheaply – or curiously – because he had  a lot of different dyes and mixed them to see what colour would come out and obviously came out black, which he didn’t know at the time; that’s it. He was the real, original “black shirt” nicknamed “Black Shirt Robert” but mainly, regularly, called “The Guiscard” “Il Guiscardo” that means “The Cunning”. Benito Mussolini copied from that, since he was primary school teacher, he knew a lot of these episodes of history.

Moreover to put an end to the nonsense about women’s rights being an episode of modern history related to abortion and the Left: even in full Middle Age the daughters of the Normans and of the other European ethnicities had more rights than the daughters of the muslims, When the Hauteville remained without male heirs, after Robert and Roger and their sons had died, they named Queen of Sicily Constance d’Hauteville “Costanza d’Altavilla” who later married the emperor Henry of Germany and she brought the entire Southern Italy in dowry, in fact their son was Emperor Frederick II whose family wasnt just Hohestaufen, it was Hauteville-Hohestaufen. Not only, Robert’s second wife, Sikelgaita of Salerno, was reported to have participated in full armour to many military campaigns of the husband, to have studied medicine thanks to the extreme open mindedness of her father Guaimar III of Salerno,  and to have had a part of the army under her control, after Robert died, since the two brothers Roger and Boemond quarreled about who was the successor the Church, in the High Middle Age, named “Sichelgaita Dux” that means that it named the widow of Robert full heir with all the political powers not being able to decide among the brothers and to avoid an actual civil war, this means that the european females always had more freedom and authority and inheritance rights than the muslims. It’s useless to say that one day the muslims will become like us.

It has to be clear for everybody that we europeans, both males and females do not want to stay under muslim rules, that we consider nonsensical and uselessly heavy. And that the leftists, bringing muslim immigrants to Europe are definitely trying to make us stop living the way we want, we like and we consider right. One day or the other the Hautevilles will come back to set Sicily free from the mess Alfano and Renzi did.

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