I give in, I can’t make up my mind about Poldark’s rape/sex scene, and if I can’t make up my mind it means it’s really devilish.


The kiss, beginning of the incriminated scene: is this consensual or not?

This is it: I had to go on internet to look for the incriminated sex/alleged rape Poldark’ s scene. I found already a couple of versions: the first with background music wasn’t scandalous, the one with the original conversation is…limit.

Here it is to refresh your mind:

The Britons are out of their minds, driven to psychological castration by the Left and the feminists, in a country where men are asked not to upset women, ladies by manspreading on the tube, arrested for wolf whistling now as a reaction they went back to the “man is a hunter” state of mind. But is it rape or not? It depends a lot on whether the woman likes it or not, basically it’s not rape if the lady likes it and in this scene by the end the lady shows comfort but the previous two minutes are embarrassing even for a friend of men like me. I defend them often from the attacks of the third wave feminists but I’m not sure whether a guy can enter kicking the door into your bedroom you say “we see us downstairs” and he says “no we stay here and closes the door…”

Ok, strange times are coming, Poldark is really let’s say cute, but I don’t know whether he’s setting a good example. It reminds me a bit of Gone with the Wind when Scarlett rejected Rhett but in reality she liked him and Margaret Mitchell wrote pretty much that she liked him but she didn’t want to admit it. It was given in the past that a honest and good lady could kiss only her boyfriend and have sex only with her husband after marriage, so the consideration of some readers of the Mail On Line, my guide into real british culture – they always contradict political correct people – that in the past it was obvious that a woman rejected the proposal of sex without being married though she might wish it. Ok, but the scene is borderline. Is it rape or not? The woman doesn’t make it rape, but if I were a guy I would be careful in being so bold and self assured that he’s the only man she may like. Nonetheless I appreciate one thing or two: first the clothes and the house, the wooden stairs, the  furniture the candles etc.; second they are not drunk, the woman is not a cheap english wrecked fat whore who says “f***k” does the mid-finger gesture like Bridget Jones, she is not tattooed and doesn’t smell of vodka, and in the end she doesn’t hide behind the alibi “I was far too drunk” and basically lets people understand that she liked it. But…perhaps…perhaps…perhaps…It didn’t give me nausea like the sex scenes in modern movies and managed to make me feel embarrassed which is something somewhat I missed, but it is borderline, so what? Boh… I haven’t got an answer, so it means it is devilish. I usually have a definite answer for everything.

Let’s put it like this: if a woman likes a man but doesn’t want to have sex without being married or is engaged to another and doesn’t want to cheat on her boyfriend or even worse is married and does not want to betray the husband, has the other man the right to push himself like this only on the base that she likes him?

In the past people made distinction between rape and seduction: since it was extremely grave that a woman had sex and maybe even got pregnant without being married she was supposed to say no and stop, also a married woman is supposed to say no and stop if a guy tries to be her lover, so the guy should stop, but in that case it’s seduction not rape, rape is when the woman doesn’t like it and makes it understood, if she doesn’t like it and lies or likes it but doesn’t want to have sex outside marriage technically it’s not rape it’s seduction.Which shouldn’t be done the same. But Poldark is being a little nasty and gives the impression to want to prevail on the other man, so it’s borderline. Are there dangers for people in real life? Does this make men feel entitled to do the same? Men who are not robots should feel when they have to give up. But remember that it’s long we haven’t got a rape allegation without drunkness and amnesia in the middle, the latest rape allegations are all among drunk people who cannot even remember what they did or what they said and end up on a trial with the judge and the jury who don’t undertsand what happened. Don’t get drunk and no means no, which is the least dangerous situation. I may add that usually men insist more with a woman they were already together with, but now I stop because I coud go on indefinetley, for maximum safety: don’t feel entitled to do the same, even if in the movie in the end she likes it. You never know, you personally may end up to jail.

Too much for a country that criminalizes wolf-whistling.

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  1. I felt very uncomfortable. The first TV series about Poldark was on in the 1970s. In the 70s it was common to think that when women said no they could mean yes – there were lots of rubbish-books aimed at women trying to indoctrinate us telling us we really want to be dominated by a masterful man. I remember Tescos selling underwear with “I’m your local rapist” on them. I suspect that as this was in the book and meant to take place in the late 1700s then they could get away with leaving it in. Why alter it? Except that now all those women who gloated over the Ross character are now turned off. We have had lots of right on TV so I expect that the pendulum is beginning to swing the other way now. Uggh!


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