Renzi wants to use italian taxpayers’s money to force Hungary taking the immigrants and going on doing the smuggler. But Renzi is the enemy and Orban the ally in this civil war non-masons against masons.


Freemasonry is using the immigrants to try and pull down our nations and destroy them, Freemasonry, the Left and the illegal immigranst are our enemies and must be treated as such.

The civil war must be started and remember not to be fooled by the masons when they want to use the nationalities they are trying to destroy for their own purpose: the enemy is not defined by the nationality “italian” “hungarian” “swedish” but by the fact that they belong or obey to freemasonry or not, so Renzi is a mason who brings immigrants to Europe to destroy the european ethnic and cultural composition, the fact that he’s italian does not make him  a friend of the italians, Orban is against the masonic project, so Orban is our ally and Renzi and Alfano our enemies.

Matteo Renzi wants to use italian taxpayers’s money to go on taking immigrants from Africa and Asia and imposing them to the rest of Europe together with imposing them to Italy, first of all we italians are not represented by Renzi, he was put there by israeli masons-bosses allied with Rothschild: Carlo DeBenedetti and John Elkann – another jew and zionist with italian passport – with the job offer to dismantle Italy and bring migrants who are non whites to Europe and this is what he’s doing, so Orban who opposes this project is an ally and Renzi, Elkann – Bilderberger – and DeBenedetti are our enemies.

The very idea that he can say to Orban: “If you don’t accept the immigrants we italians don’t give you EU money” is monstrous because it is not in the italian very best interest that Europe, Hungary included, becomes a muslim area, it is in our interests that he’s removed and processed for human traffic and all these african and asian illegals are deported out of Europe to their countries of origins.

I believe all the westerners must feel at civil war by today, in France the mayor of Nice received the illegal request to cancel the footage of Nice terror attack by a white french officer who was a mason: it is clear everywhere that the enemy is first of all the mason who works in your office, in your government who belongs basically to the same ethnicity as you unless he ‘s a jew.

To the catholics and to the jews and the anglicans I warn you: the masons who are priests, rabbis and pastors are the worst and they must be hit for the first because they give orders to the others. So, Rowan Williams – anglican – Bergoglio, the chief rabbi of Germany, they ‘re all enemies.

Next Bilderberg – if they do it – must be the last. The black people in Calais jungle must be deported to Africa, the french police knows they are receiving such orders by the very same french government that impedes them to hit the migrants, to deport them and to treat them like enemies and protect the french citizens. We must recover the concept of “enemy”, we are at war and we have enemies, Soros, Rothschild, the Vatican and also the do-gooders priests are our enemy, they want to take the control physical and cultural of Europe from us, that they generically call “white christians” and they are therefore our enemies, end of. I wouldn’t like that european christians who happen to be not particularly white to feel excluded from the fight, I honestly believe they are considered enemies together with us and they must be with us, I think they say “white” christians to cover with a veil of anti-racism their hatred for Christianity or western european culture. So, Ben Carson is damningly right in staying with Trump.

Freemasonry mus be incinerated pitilessly and there mustn’t be any Holocaust’s “holy week” anymore, here’s why: the holocaust is the tool of freemasonry that has got an astonishing number of Jews around the top to make white christian people feel guilty into accepting the immigrants, basically what the masons call the holocaust we must call it genocide of the jews and put it on the very same level of any other genocide eliminating the anti-historical special status that gives the israelis a sort of licence to do what they like, to kill, to do false flags, to invade and occupy without any sanction palestinian territories, because they think they can do it “for there was the holocaust” if you change the word and say it was a genocide, suddenly they cannot kill anyone or do what they like “for there was the genocide of the jews” Holocaust gives them a special status, that works almost magically to allow them be criminal, this is what they are, without the others punishing them. Moreover Holocaust means “sacrificial killing” it doesn’t mean “genocide”, so it’s historically nonsensical, I think so.

The war has started and it’s about time everyone to fight, our enemies are: Israel, the Vatican, the Rothschild bankers all tied up and summoned by Freemasonry: all masons are enemies of ours, everyone in every social position, from Royals, to the Jury, to the Army, to Police, to Bakery, public offices, private entrepreneurs, workers, unemployed must fight.

I’d like to add a democratic postilla: it is clear tha freemasonry is trying to block democracy everywhere, in Italy the government and Prime Minister are unelected, MPs elected with Right wing parties who promised they would support Berlusconi and a centre-right government switched to the left once in the parliament and supported Renzi and a no-border, extreme leftist government instead, the President of the Republic, a mason too, didn’t dissolve the Parliament, in the UK the PM is not elected and she’s blocking Brexit that represents the democratic will, the aim of freemasons is to block the democratic will and fill our countries with foreigners to de-empower our cultural and ethnic group. The minimum for honourable people is to do a  civil war against it.

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