I have to help the Netherlands, but the Netherlands must stop their gay obsession and allow anti-gay weddings opinions go back mainstream.


Traditional Holland’s scene: King and Queen.

I want to give a hand to the Netherlands under attack by the immigrants who just set up a political party that wants to prohibit anti-immigration opinions and wants to re-name historic buildings and sites to cancel the dutch imperialist past.

In defence of imperialism there is to say, that the people able to build an empire are full with energy, knowledge and usually are blessed by God, Old Testament – God punishes Israel with the diaspora and enslavement and when He blesses them they win the war – this means that in traditional conservative christianity, the imperialists are the favourite children of God and they build an empire, like the Romans, because they are blessed not because they are bad. The new marmalade christianity spoilt by freemasonry makes the “winner” become a bad guy and the loser become the poor innocent victim: this is theologically unproven. Theologically, the winner is blessed by God, idiot, not the loser, Jesus Christ in traditional theology is not victim because He’s a loser, he offered freewillingly His Life to atone the original sin of the humans so that the humans could enter Paradise, this is basic catechism, in fact Jesus says: “I’m offering my Life, they cannot take it, they cannot do anything to me” in fact Jesus is the Son of God He didn’t oppose resistance to the killers for free choice.

Now all the people who are turning against Holland for the diamonds and the land descend from the african tribes that didn’t even know diamonds existed, couldn’t extract them and basically the Dutch stole them from the earth not from them, the problem came when the priests had the genial idea to teach the africans the knowledge of the whites instead of leaving them pissing under a tree half naked and jumping for the dance of the rain. The result is that these people want to destroy Holland and arrest the white Dutch. It didn’t work.

God has probably abandoned the Netherlands for their obsession with gay culture that He despises: it is christian not to bully gays and not to force them to lie and pretend they are straight for Jesus said: “be your speech Yes, yes. No, no. All the rest comes from the Malign” but it isn’t christian anything else claimed by gay lobbies, neither gay marriages nor gay adoptions, children need a mother and a father, don’t provoke God teaching that sodomy is a normal way of sex. I am repeating a lot of times these basic issues but my dear westerners must understand that God is eternal and they have to stop with the promotion of the gay family and absolutely must stop promoting gay relationships without falling back into gay bullying, in reality the Father and the Son don’t contradict one another. It’s easy: you haven’t got to promote sodomy and to give children to gay and lesbian couples and you haven’t got to bully gays or to push them to lie. I say it also for myself as a woman, who wants a boyfriend who pretends to be straight to then find him in bed with another man to then seeing him taking a gun and shooting himself for shame? No one, not me certainly, but what’s this to do with giving children and promotion of sodomy and lesbianism? Nothing, because we all know now that homosexuality is not genetic and this means that some experiences may bring some people to become homosexual therefore these experiences must not be promoted, in any case as a christian kabalarian I tell you, check your name with a kabalah grid, homosexuality is engendered by what the kabalarian of Vancouver call an “unbalanced name” that can be balanced again adding or removing one or more letters, I give you the link to a website where you can check it for free; obviously people must be free to change or to keep the name they feel themselves or better with.

Back to the Netherlands, stop the gay obsession, revert to free speech, kick away the immigrant traitors and be proud of your imperial past. Be christian: Old Testament and New Testament, God doesn’t punish people making them build an empire, He’s punishing the West now that everything has turned into “gay”. Also the immigrants, don’t be so self assured and arrogant, be thankful to the whites who shared their knowledge with you, don’t let them repent for having done so ’cause “Fortuna velut Luna Status variabilis” “Luck is like the moon: it changes”. And you whites, don’t be bad against the black who don’ t participate to this anti-white crusade, but you must save your children from Sharia and from the lack of respect. As for the marxist Jews they will be punished for inciting the black against the whites. The jewish “antiracist” culture brought to sharia controlled zones and the marxist jews did it absolutely on purpose. Get over it.

Not only, I can tell you that the satanic jews and illuminati promote gay culture and sunday work because they know that these things attract God’s malediction that they try to direct against you. Do you think it strange? If you knew them you wouldn’t. Think how strange it is that the same groups call both for sharia tribunals being legalized and gay weddings being legalized and think that at the top of it there are marxist jews and not muslims… why do they do it? You’re not the only one who believes in God, I tell you: they try to make you do the things, the sins, that attract God’s malediction over you, they are satanic out of methaphor, they do like the snake in the garden.


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