Why are the Globalists so strongly against the British Nationalists like BNP and Britain First, but then they “soothe” the Scottish Nationalists?


Look at this image, the british nationalist parties, BNP and BF are not even represented, while also lefty marginal parties as the green and WE are.

Not all nationalists are the same: while the british globalists hate truly Britain First and the BNP, in reality when it comes to the scottish nationalists they make them be respected like any mainstream party. Why? First, excuse me the arrogance, but I must be clear: the leaders of the scottish nationalists are stupid, they want to split from the UK but then want to join the EU, that gives them even less autonomy than Britain, and even to drop the pound for the euro currency, this means that they can be induced to do so many mistakes they’d end up like Greece in five years. But there is another reason, in my opinion, while I think that with Labour in the firm hands of no-borders, multiculturalists and sodomites and the Tories who are similar to Labour for many things and still perceived as the Party of the english rich ones, a british nationalist patriotic party that’s not for “rich people only” should be helped by the british establishment that struggles to keep Sturgeon, who’s an idiot in my opinion, in a corner, now it’s the time for the patriotic part of the establishment to give the Scots a working class british patriotic party to vote that does also their interests. The Scots don’t like Nicola Sturgeon, but they don’t feel their interests are represented by the Tories and have, wisely and luckily abandoned Labour, now it is the time for a right wing, patriotic unionist Party for the middle and lower classes too, the BNP or Britain First, that anyway needs corrected in some elements of battle, should have been “cleaned” and made ready to take votes in Scotland to minimize the differences between Scotland and England and to neutralize the scottish independentists.

The british establishment is yet mixed, like in Denmark, the christian aristocracy is patriotic and independentist, the very same Queen of Denmark put an end to ambiguities and said multiculturalism didn’t work and the immigrants come to Europe in huge numbers and with another set of values and different religion did not become Danes drinking public water in Copenhagen, I admire Queen Margareth very much for this and she’s not the only one, I am convinced also the Prince of Wales is concerned that mass immigration and scottish independentism may rip the country apart. Now the other part of the establishment, the jewish bankers, the Rothschilds, are moving in the opposite direction: empowering the scottish independentists and mass immigration to precisely rip the country apart, they fear british nationalists because and independent and socially cohesive Britain has the seeds to become a super power, since it had the inner energy to build an empire, while the scottish nationalism hasn’t got such energy or such huge potential, so, basically, it’s not a threat to globalisation.

It is about time to split freemasonry, I tell you, as for we know freemasonry was born as a pact between the protestants and the jews against the catholic dogmas that had excommunicated the protestants and considered the jews not redeemed, this alliance is about to finish for the jewsih element has gone in an opposite direction and basically against the interests of the christian elements. Donald Trump, Queen Margareth are only examples of christian powerful people who are trying to cut the leash and liberate their countries from the strangle of globalisation that wants to put an end to them, bot USA and Denmark, but also Italy and the rest for that.

Queen Elizabeth supported Brexit and is said to be against the war on Russia, the Prince of Wales back in 2002 was openly against the war in Iraq and he was right. War in Iraq done by Tony Blair. Probably the old protestant-jewish anti-catholic alliance in freemasonry is at the end of the its line.

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