The Europeans are behaving like gypsies, they run from a country to another, from the big cities to the villages to avoid facing the problem. They must stop and vote Right wing.

Proteste gegen Mahnwache der rechtspopulistischen Buergerbewegung "Pro Deutschland"

White Flight in Norway as in Sweden and Britain, but…these people must vote Right wing or they’ll be left with nowhere to run.

I wrote here, in this website: “If the Swedes had voted Right wing fifteen years ago, we wouldn’t be in the situation we are now”. Also in Britain. The Europeans, Britons included, have unfortunately turned into the “roma” mode: they change country, they change town, they leave London – to the pakistanis – but when it’s about time to vote they still think it is appropriate to vote either Tory (useless) or Labour (catastrophic) or LibDem (not classified) while they should be undecided between UKIP and Britain First, kind of. No, they run away from the towns, horribles, not to see the immigrants, the muslims, the everything taking over and then, from the height of having gone away for immigration still feel prickly about maybe voting UKIP: you must wake up, you must vote “at least” UKIP, the first period of May’s government hasn’t stopped the arrivals, you took immigrants from Calais, Canterbury’s Archbishop – the traitor – said it was the right thing to do and it wasn’t – I see no real Brexit in sight, moreover the third Heathrow Runway seemed to be the priority (why? Boh, I can’t figure it out). In other cases they go away from Britain, to where? To France? With Calais and Paris reduced third world? Italy? let me think, Rome or Florence? reduced to dirty outside of any metaphor with black africans hanging out thanks to Renzi and his insidious home secretary, basically it’s useless to go up and down Europe when all Europe is under siege: you must show muscles and vote right, against Canterbury’s Archbishop, against Bergoglio, against, oh dear the BBC, the italians are running away from Italy to…London, they run away from a catastrophe that’s created by the Left, and the EU, but if you ask them to show the guts to vote to exit the EU and the eurozone that reduced Italy like this, they are tentative, they prefer playing the leftists in London where they are foreigners: they are behaving like gypsies, they go to the “lucky” country where “they’ve got the money” or they look for it not understanding that such things as luck don’t build.

The white flight is the evidence that right wingers tell the truth, but if we don’t win in time we risk that the stupid leftists or Tories who emigrate here and there and smear at real right wingers – see Griffin, see Paul Golding, see also Farage who’s a moderate – they’ll remain with nowhere to run.

You can tell yourselves all the lies you like,that you are moving from London for you need to think and smell flowers: you know you are running away from the immigrants, you sold your house in France because the villagers are not overwhelmingly white christians anymore and you don’t want to live in a muslim environment, you are right, but why instead of running up and down Europe and lying to yourselves don’t you just give a hand to far right wingers? Also the italians, you know you are running away from the economic disaster of the eurozone and in fact you go to London, so why don’t you give us a hand to withdraw Italy from it and from the EU? No, it’s enough if these idiots of expats don’t say to their fellow expats: “I’m ashamed people in Italy voted Berlsuconi” fuck you and stay where you are doing not even the immigrant you are doing the gypsy and you should know it. We vote Right because we’re going to stay here “vivo, morto o x” “dead, alive or X”.

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