EU is founded against Free Speech, therefore we must exit – Video –


Paola Editor.

I have a little message for you, and I apologize for the poor quality of the video* – *I changed the first version of the video with an HD version, now the quality should be quite ok Ed. Notes  – the day after tomorrow I’ll be back home, anyway Jean Marie LePen and Mario Borghezio have to be under trial for insulting Borghezio a black lefty politician, Cecil Kyenge, who was found by wikileaks to be on the payroll of George Soros to bring about globalisation – or maybe it was anonymous, I can’t remember precisely – and Le Pen for insulting a lefty jewish activist who worked against the Front National. It is clear that the values of the EU are not the american or european values of freedom of speech and freedom of expression, it’s the set of “values” of “protecting” black and minorities, particularly Jews, from the whites. We must exit the EU, because I’m afraid these are considered basic values of the EU: the EU does not share our culture, we and the EU belong to totally different cultural areas.

To be clear, I never wanted northern italian vulgar people to go to jail for saying “terrone” which is a derogatory term that means “rude, unpleasant southerner”and I am a southerner, I always said they were vulgar, but never dreamt of sending them to jail for this or putting them on a trial, I mean, what’s happening now is extreme and we must get rid of it. If they insult you and it’s not mobbing – if it is mobbing I agree that people must be put on a trial – you insult them back or enter a quarrel or abandon them to their own “vulgarity” the way it was considered convenient once upon a time for fine people “Don’t wrestle with a pig, the pig likes it and you get dirty” was the saying, or in any case you had the freedom of speech to insult back too if you didn’t feel so superior to the pig, but the EU does not stand either for democracy or for free speech, lately not even for free trade, but only for free movement – of illegal immigrants – Ambrose Evans Pritchard pointed out how, no matter how long they boast about the “four freedoms of movements” which allegedley are the “four basic freedoms of the EU” kind of unescapable, and  their you “can’t cherry pick” mantra etc. they are liars because in reality the free movement of services, that was in favour of Britain, was never allowed. I add that France and Germany are protectionist and break the “rules” as they please, therefore I agree with the statement of Cameron “What the hell of an organization is this”. We must exit and close the European Court of Justice and also the useless expensive parliament. We still hope in full Brexit.

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