The Britons are deluded if they fancy themselves “good” it’d be enough to split minors among children from 0 to 12 and teens, 13 to 17, and take 0-12 first.

Greece Migrants

I am so disillusioned by the britons who fancy themselves good that I miss the point in telling them basic things: children are prepubescent little non sexually mature human beings who usually go from babies to 12 years old, particularly in hot countries where the puberty is earlier than in nordic ethnicities, from 13 to 17 they are minors, but they are not “children” they are boys and girls and you don’t need an NGO that “offers” help to do the age checks for two reasons: one the NGO wants to be paid, it is not “offering” anything, it is proposing themselves for a job at taxpayers’ expenses and in any way they would let in as many youngsters as possible because they are biased in favour of globalism and they are hard leftists, as usual. So, to refuse such “help” is right. The solution I offer for free and only for the respect of common and right wing britons, because this government for a half disgusts me like the Left and the other half the real Right wing part of the Tories should take over, but for the sake of Right wing Britons I tell you – otherwise I would shut up because I don’t believe in the good faith of all these do-gooders:

Call children people under twelve and start taking from Calais the children under twelve beginning with the smallest, first babies – if there are any – second toddlers, third pre-pubescent little kids maximum age 12.

Then, after you have settled in foster homes these ones, the real children, if you have any time and space start with the minors that go from thirteen to seventeen, beginning with the youngest, the thirteen years old, then fourteen years old, and so on up to seventeen, what you are doing now is distasteful, particularly for people who fancy – if they’re serious, which I doubt – themselves as do-gooders, the leftists are allowing boys to trump on the real children and take their place and the money the Britons give for them etc.

A little consideration: I wouldn’t take anyone from France or Europe anyway, it’s the french government that should repatriate to Africa and Asia the adults and foster the real minors. Second: I consider the British establishment a bunch of hypocrites whose charitable attitude is a marmalade gone rotten: it should be good, but in reality it is two years past the selling date and it has got mould on it. It’s the “charity” that deprives babies of a mother to be given as objects to gay couples, the charity that allows lesbians deprive children of a dad, the “charity” again that helps women having late term abortions and kills six months old pre-born babies, that’s the leftists’s charity, the charity that wants to start meddling with kids’s sexuality for gender assignement experiments. It’s the satanic version of the charity…

My respect goes only to the Right wing Britons, but vote UKIP or Britain First. And stop meddling with Assad.

Amber Rudd, I believe she’s another blackmailed politician who, if let free would also take the right choice, but her U-turn may mean she’s not free.

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