Why some intelligent people still think they’d vote for Hillary and why they must change their mind: they downplay too much Libya’s destruction.


Hillary Rodham Clinton                                                            Donald J. Trump

Libya is destroyed for Hillary Clinton’s fault, and the undeserving Nobel prize for Peace Barack Hussein Obama’s; not only Libya was destroyed: the entire mediterranean area is wrecked, with the North resisting but being object of the refugee crisis.

Now Hillary Clinton represents the kind of false warrior-philanthrope that acts like this: they make the list of the sins of an asian or african dictator, they repeat like a computer this list of “sins” until they manage to bomb him and destroy the entire state the dictator runs, then, they just leave and let the survivors to their bombings in the hands of predators, full of weapons often bought to them by the same americans who criticized the dictator. The predators predate, no one shows photographs of the dead and raped people, but some anti-war websites and never surrenders of the Truth.

If we talk about rape and torture, the americans have raped and tortured in their prisons: in Guantanamo and in Abu Graib, according to their, or better Hillary’s measure of judgement, someone should bomb Washington and slaughter the american President.

But they do not apply to themselves the same conditions they do apply to others, the enemies of Hillary’s and of Israel’s, pitiful and cheap the call nothinglessthan the female rabbis (female and jews) against Trump, compensated for the jewish community’s honour by the staunch pro Trump support of the Breibart team and by Mark Zuckerberg’s refusal to censor Trump’s speech, that for the Left would be “hate speech to be censored” the only thing that the Left can call for is censorship, now in Croydon they censor the images of the refugee “children” because they are men.

Censorship and lies, this is the daily bread of the Left. And bombings, bombings, massacres and then running away after the destruction of the country together with its dictator – if only they stopped pretending they care about the human rights – . Now the impression is that the clever people who still think to vote Hillary need shaken and woken up: Hillary would give you more wars in the Middle East, more bombings, more massacres, you must realize that she is much more dangerous than Trump, and more wicked.

Don’t you dare and downplay Libya, with Libya they destroyed a state, robbed the libyan gold and put in extreme danger the entire North Africa and Mediterranean area; Trump would have gone to Libya and shake hands with Gaddafi like Berlusconi did, and for Libya and for the Mediterranean area it would have been much better. Hold your nose and vote Trump – hold your nose because you’re leftist, I don’t despise Trump that much personally – she doesn’t want peace with Putin, Trump intends to find and agreement with him and does not seem intentioned to repeat with Assad the Gaddafi’s and Saddam’s scheme.

There’s no comparison between Hillary’s and Trump’s level of dangerousness unless you think that to make massacres in the Middle East and North Africa is less morally deplorable than making massacres in Europe and in the USA. I don’t tell you “that’s racism” because it’s a too often used proposition, but you must wake up.

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