The blessed fags, the Jesuits, support openly Matteo Renzi’s government that legalized gay marriages and takes orders from JP Morgan.


The Jesuits through their publication Civiltà Cattolica  – Catholic Civilization – have backed Matteo Renzi’s government and told the italians to vote yes at the upcoming constitutional referendum on the fourth of December, therefore I am sure I’ll better vote NO – for the ones who still don’t know it, I am italian and I vote in Italy -.

Now go and tell David icke and Alex Jones they are “wankers” and that the Jesuits have nothing to do with Rothschild, Goldman Sachs and the NWO. No, because I must inform you that the priests in Italy have shut up about the law on gay weddings and the step child adoptions saying “They do not want to mix with politics” but now that “their” Renzi, catholic mason, is in danger of falling and be substituted by the Right, Salvini or the five stars movement, Beppe Grillo, both men who, though they are not allied, unfortunately and I hope strongly they will be allied in the future, but both have nothing to do with this shitty catholic freemasonry bound to the jewish one through the Vatican bank, the IOR and the Rothschilds who administer it, now they come out, after having put their man in the Vatican, Bergoglio, in the place of Ratzinger, and it’s still a luck for him that they didn’t kill him, now they mix and tell the italians how they should vote, yes, to please the NWO. So, Jesuits, JP Morgan, Renzi, Rothschild are bound, ok? It’s not a bad dream, therefore the NWO obsession with gays – represented by the jesuits  – and protecting minorties – the jews, represented by Rothschild.

The Jesuits are known for being gays and making gay monks and priests make career in their ranks, in fact, about gay weddings and even about gay adoptions they shut up, therefore they are masters of the lie: for these people to cheat, to lie, to wear masks and pretend is normal, it’s their way of living, without that they couldn’t do career in the Vatican, they oppose strongly only to change the rule that prohibits priests’s marriages, probably not to lose the grip on the Vatican and on the Order that now is firmly, obviously, in the hands of homosexuals. Ask yourself why the gay community is strangely so over represented and absurdely powerful.

I have to add a little note for the ones of the Daily Mail Online who still ask the leftists “if you were honest you would protect real children, not letting in young men, don’t you?…etc”.

If you were honest? Why, DM, what does make you think the leftists are honest? I tell you, their bosses are Jesuits and Jews, for these people to lie and talk continuously about “compassion” for minorities is their daily bread, their job, moreover they legalized late term abortion, this is how much they care about real babies, they even wanted to legalize post-birth abortion, this is it: they kill, or rape real children, the tough youngsters they let them come in and stop telling leftists “if you were honest” if they were honest they would do another job.

Well, this is full NWO, they are coming out. Che schifo – what a disgust ed.notes -.

Make them lose.

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