UK, what they really really want: to stay in the European Council and to detach themselves from the rest.


Theresa May on the right, George Osborne on the left.

Theresa May, what she really really wants it’s the same as what Boris Johnson and yes, also George and Dave – I almost (almost) miss them – really want: the seat in the european council without the burden of the fallimentar and ill conceived EU’s regulations and without the hated – and wrong – free for all to go and settle, at taxpayers’ expenses – in the UK.

The point is that the EU is engined as a way to trick the state member: they offer you one good thing, for example it’s crystal clear that the European Council, that is the council of the Prime Ministers and or Head of States of the european nations, is a good thing, and if it were only that I would also agree that Turkey got in, but you, to have that only good thing, have to swallow a dozen of unbearable, destructive, anti-economic rules and regulations and the loathed free movement that becomes in real terms mass immigration from the poor countries to the rich ones till the point of risking the total economic system collapse. That’s it.

Theresa May is delaying Brexit, in this respect it is true that the EU has no fault, they are waiting for the Britons to tell them what they want, kind of total cut of the leash and revert to the import/export tariffs or if there is an agreement, tariff free trade on certain goods, e.g cars and cheese and some tariffs on others e.g chocolate and nuts – the examples are casual – . But Theresa May does not tell them because what she really wants is to stay in the european council and to dictate the anti-Putin agenda, which is moreover wrong and full of lies, kind of the infamous accusation that Putin is willingly killing civilians. – I know I’m repeating often kind of in this post but I am again in a hurry and I write like I talk, kind of- .

Now let alone what the Britons really really want, they all want to be your lovers, and even letting alone that they are shamefully lying about “Poutine”, I want Italy to exit the EU, and have you seen that Berlusconi wanted to drag us out of the eurozone 5 years ago and it was for that the Merkel and the eurocrats ordered that he was expelled as PM? Because Berlusconi didn’t feel like imposing drastic austerity to the citizens and didn’t feel like breaking the Maastricht Treaty methodically, so consequently he had started negotiations to withdraw Italy from the eurozone, which was clearly the right thing to do, and the EU with the ECB plotted his capitulation through a couple of communist masons, Napolitano, the then President of the Republic, and imposed Monti PM who imposed to the italian citizens drastic suffocating austerity to keep Italy forcefully in the eurozone, to this there is the disgusting addition of the demonisation of Silvio Berlusconi, similar to the attempted demonistation of Trump, always without revealing the true reasons.

This is Merkel and the EU.

I want Italy out of it, then we may have a council of the prime Ministers of various independent states without mixing taxations and immigration rules that can be very different from an area of the world to another. The New World Order is turning into a New World Mess, independent nations with a  council of Prime Ministers may be much better and it would at least give really an impression of order. A bit of order is not fascism, but this mess must end.

So, Theresa May, just try to get on with Brexit, we italians want to exit, the norwegians and the icelanders want to exit the EEA then we can do only the Council of Europe without the burden of the rest.

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