Shocking: Israel declares war on Russia, but does it from France, not to be bombed directly.

Libération, the israeli owned “lefty” now turned war monger magazine, lefty only for trying to “force” emotionally the lefty french into taking more immigrants and demonizing Le Pen, declared a war on Putin and Russia, but since the Israelis are fundamentally cowardly – to kill palestinian unarmed people is not an act of courage – they do not declare the war on Putin from their newspapers headquartered in Israel, but from those they own abroad: The New York Times, Libération, The Washington Post, the Economist, to give the impression that Israel has nothing to do with it and even pretending to be russian friendly, so if the war explodes, Russia should, in the wicked israeli minds, bomb France and Britain or eventually the USA, but not Israel. They are wicked, aren’t they? The owner of Libération is israeli citizen, but his newspapers and magazines in hebrew or in english but based in Tel Aviv shut up. Kind of. Putin, please go and check who’s the owner of the press that’s against you.

Second: the dental check row in Britain, those immigrants sold as children are just clandestine immigrants who skipped the queue, either the Tories do the right wing party or it is better to go to general elections and elect a totally Illuminati-free House of Commons, I may give a hand in detecting the illuminati-puppets candidates and the Illuminati free ones.

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