The Victory of the “non-entity”. How the New York Times blasts Obama for even “naming” Alex Jones – who has a wider audience than the NYT anyway.


I’ll be brief again. It was noticed that after Hillary Clinton named the Alt-Right, making it mainstream, also Obama broke the code and named Alex Jones directly. Which is the code? According to the italian right wing catholic intellectual Maurizio Blondet, who underwent himself the conspiracy of the silence, the order inside freemasonry is to never even name the anti-Illuminati, anti-freemasonry writers, to not discuss them, if it is impossible not to talk about them, to dismiss them as conspiracy theorists as a whole, but to avoid “making publicity” to them naming their websites, publications etc. so, people who don’t already know them don’t reach them. Now Obama named Alex Jones and the New York Times reproached him for “breaking the code”. But Alex Jones is in fact, by number, more influential than the New York Times, he can make people change their mind about whom to vote and reaches millions of viewers which the NYT, with all its “pride”, doesn’t. The NYT still wants to treat the anti-Illuminati bloggers as “non-entities” with no names because they “don’t exist” or at least they shouldn’t. But they should and they do exist and honestly they are opinion makers and opinion leaders which the old press is not anymore and this is why the campaign of the Left is so wild, so even physically violent, according to Blondet they are desperate, and according to Blondet they are desperate because they did nine/eleven and they are physically scared of the electric chair, all of them. Blondet is extreme in his analysis but he’s often spot on, he says, without naming the electric chair, that all the traitors who did and covered up nine/eleven now are scared that the outsider Trump brings new american patriots in the institutions, at the Pentagon, at the HIgh Court and that they will be arrested for Traison, and this is why they say nonsense about making a third world war with Russia, war for them is like escaping justice and imposing again special laws that can kill justice for long. I don’t know whether this analysis is correct, but the Left seems really crazy about Hillary and even the pro-peace Leftists, like the Green, have started saying clearly that the way Hillary talks about nuclear options and confronting Russia is more scary than Trump’s “vulgarity”.

In the meantime, what freemasonry tries to treat as non-entities are more influential than they and I can tell them, they’re lucky enough Alex Jones is not directly against the jewish lobby, maybe for he has jewish relatives or because he still feels the refusal of admitting what the lobby has been doing in the last decades.

No, Alex Jones is not a non-entity and the old press is almost over, as for the jewish lobby I would be very scared in their place in supporting anti-russian Hillary ’cause Putin is not an asshole, what the israeli/american neocons are doing to push the USA against him, if I know it, he knows it better and in a third world war is not Poland that will be bombed and invaded, Israel would be physically easily the target as key ally of the USA first, for the Israelis are training Al Qaeda, Al Nusra and various jihadis in Syria, second. Putin is protecting Assad and wants to keep the Nordstream, which also Germany wants, third the ceasefire of John Kerry was probably broken by the israeli/american neocons and since Obama and kerry didn’t give the order probably their other fatherland gave it: which is the country allied of the USA that Putin would attack, idiots? Why do you think it’ll be Poland or even the strategically useless Sweden – I say it with respect – so the Jews should want peace with Russia and shouldn’t oppose Trump who’s the only one who still wants good relationship with Putin. But maybe God has blinded them, the israelis and the jewish pro-Hillary lobbyists, for he wants Tel Aviv to endure what Gaza has endured: direct bombing and attacks.

I am not a Jew, but if I were a Jew I would support Trump and distension with Russia. If I know these things, do you think Lavrov and Putin don’t?

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