Why we like Corbyn: Jewish Lobby in America Pushes Bill to Monitor European “Anti-Semites”. We must unite all against the jewish lobby that wants to use the americans against us and against the american patriots.

They hate patriots and they hate leftists who are pro-Palestine. The real enemy is the jewish lobby: enemies of the patriots, enemies of the pro-Palestine leftists, enemies of free speech, enemies of Russia and Assad, enemies of peace in the world, enemies of the historians who don’t obey them and their lies. And they are ruining America. The jewish lobby must be stopped.

From them the obsession of idolatrizing minorities, ’cause they idolatrize themselves who are a minority, and bashing on the white majority comes.

But they are ugly and unpleasant.

Ed comment: Could this rise in “anti-semitism” have something to do with the promotion of an open their border policy, pushing mass migration, letting in Muslims and then advocating for the displacement and destruction of the European people and their nations? Nah, it remains a completely mysteriously. Once again anti-semitism rise out of the blue, for no reason whatsoever.Source: Jewish Lobby in America Pushes Bill to Monitor European “Anti-Semites”

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