Euro creator says his creature is about to die and to destroy the EU, Iceland wants to leave the EU single market to strike TD with Britain. Remainers losing what’s left of their intelligence’s reputation.


70% of the voters in Oxford voted Remain, 73% of Cambridges’s “geniuses” voted Remain, the Fishermen voted Brexit; I would like to know what do they study in Oxford and Cambridge to be, nonetheless, so dumb, and I know what I’m writing.

Now, not me, but the economist who created the euro currency has stated that

  1. The euro is about to fall and collapse totally because the ECB and the European Court of Justice allow the member states not to respect the stability pact, like this, the euro currency is crashing down and it is about to end. He also complains that the rule that prohibits to bailout countries and failing banks is regularly broken and that Greece shouldn’t have been bailed-out, just like the german creditor banks shouldn’t have been bailed out, but Greece should have been expelled from the eurozone compulsorily and forced to revert to the Drachma, only then it should have been helped. He adds that the euro is finished, and the euro is his creation so he knows what he’s talking about.
  2. The euro’s end will bring with itself the collapse of the entire EU.

The Fishermen felt the EU was wrong probably because they lived in the area of population that’s hit for the first in case of crisis, so they knew things were going wrong because things were going wrong for them.

Not only, little Iceland already stated that between access – under payment – to the EU single market and special trade deal with Britain they are going to choose the latter.

This EU single market is sold at a much higher price than it is really worthy, the idea that Britain has to pay into the single market to be able to buy goods by the single market is preposterous at least.

The big question is:

What are they studying in Oxford?

Why so many over educated people are so superficial in the analysis of the EU affairs?

Now that they even haven’t got a clear sexuality, since in Oxford there were calls to divide the sexes into male female and X, and I’m afraid the Oxonians are X. You don’t even know whether you’re male or female, let alone knowing what’s happening in Brussels. When the EU closes for falliment, I want all these professors to give a public apology. In the meantime, get out, clever people are one by one taking the distance from the eurozone and from the collapsing building. To save what’s left of their intelligence’s reputation.

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