Calais”children” are no children and Rowan Williams is a clown. Putin pushed to war directly by Rothschild who cut the bank accounts of his TV.


First, a message to the Britons and to Calais “children” obsessive former Archbishop of Canterbury, the mason Rowan Williams: those young men are not children, UK is accepting the same, humiliating treatment of Sweden and Rowan Williams, calling them “children” is a clown and a buffoon not certainly a man of God who should tell the truth, “Yes yes, no no, all the rest comes from the malign” this is a sentence from Our Lord Jesus Christ and those arrived in Croydon are not children, maybe one of them is 16, but the tendency is clearly the swedish tendency. Disgusting.

Second, Lord Rothschild, probably a friend of Rowan Williams, is trying with Putin the same card he used with Ratzinger to force his resignation and substitute him with the mason Bergoglio: he cut the bank accounts of the Vatican, and this is why the greedy cardinals ordered to topple Ratzinger and put in his place a freemasonry friendly Cardinal and this is why freemasonry-controlled media all back Bergoglio like idiots.

But. Putin is a man of war not a eunuch of the devil, with all respect for the good and honest priests. He is waiting to see if Trump is elected President of the USA and eventually find an agreement with him to distend the relationship USA/Russia and avoid the war, therefore in the USA the neocons, the Kagans, the israeli lobbyists are trying to make the war happen before the presidential elections are held, disobeying even to Obama who does not feel like ending the mandate with opening the third world war.

I warn everybody, from Boris Johnson to the rest: Putin will win world war three and Israel will be directly bombed no matter the lies of Netanyahu, Putin, like everyone else, knows perfectly when the guy is lying and to behave like he’s the only one who knows about war in the room won’t help him, because he’s not. In the end also the Anti-Christ won’t be a Rothschild nor an israeli, he’ll come from the East, maybe a chinese dictator, China will do the war and win together with Russia. I know it from a contemporary prophet, Pastor Salazar, and from a certain Saint, Saint Brigitte of Sweden – when Sweden was christian – she could see that the Antichrist was against all religions, Islam and Judaism included, not only Christianity and she stated: “He will treat the Jews worse than the Christians”. Rothschild, don’t do it, you’ll lose this time.

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