Donald Trump accused of “Antisemitism” because he’s against Globalisation. According to some Jews the ones who oppose globalisation are antisemitic….of course.


John Carpenter was accused by jewish organizations of coded antisemitism like Trump, they are confessing they are bringing about globalisation for the others and try – failing – to keep Israel for themselves and are scared of the truth.

I’ll be concise, I’m not at home and I can’t write as freely as I used to, but in a couple of weeks I should be hyperactive. For now, the most important fact to discuss is why on earth jewish organizations accused Trump of antisemitism for his speech against globalisation. They say who’s against globalisation is secretly against the Jews, they say the anti-globalists say “globalists” but mean Jews… I say Jews.

This is for me a declaration of guilt, I have written and noticed that, even though there are independent Jews who oppose globalisation, one for all Glenn Greenwald, whom I esteem, the top globalists happen to be prominent zionists, like Lord Rothschild and the other members of the Rothschild’s clan both english and french, the Rockefellers who are not Jews bu they are fervent zionists, pro-Israel, in Italy Carlo DeBenedetti who’s a Jew and israeli and John Elkann half jew half christian. You cannot mistaken it. And they do support ultra-nationalism in Israel and mass-immigration and the dissolution of the borders and of the national democratic states both for Europe and the USA. I said it, wrote it, signed it. I repeat, some independent jews are against globalisation and I thank them, but the zionist lobby is the one that’s bringing about all this destruction of our states and obviously Soros has a big part etc. Now the zionist lobby complete with Soros gives 50% of Hillary Clinton’s money for the presidential campaign, the rest comes from Saudi Arabia and other foreign countries, so Trump’s speech against globalisation is pure patriotism and I want, I strongly want him to be elected President of the USA and I think real Brexiteers are for Trump who’s defending the national state in the USA.

But the self-confession of the Jews “When they say globalists they mean us” is a welcome piece of information; so you see Readers, these Jews know what they’re doing, well.

Remember the other people who, opposing the Illuminati and the wicked part of thr establishment, were accused of Antisemitism: David Icke, Jeremy Corbyn, even the film director of the movie “They live” John Carpenter, now Trump. Think about it Readers, we are telling you the truth. These people who talk to you about yuman rights and the rights of the immigrants are the zionists who keep Israel for themselves out of DNA test because they want that the New World Order has Jerusalem as capital, but Jerusalem is not israeli according to the UN anyway, and the Jews as a new aristocracy, with the masons as ministers of the jewish aristocrazy and the rest of us in a condition of … Get rid of them: be against Israel, against the jewish lobby, against mass-immigration and open borders and deport the illegal migrants. I believe God will punish them. And I’m saying it for one reason which is not an opinion of mine.

I have to leave you now, check the website, I may write one article each two days instead of three or five per day, but only for a little period, when I’m at home I’ll tell you.

Kindly Yours



Don’t forget: pray.

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