Radio LBC caller understands more than Amber Rudd: there’s no duty whatsoever to take any refugee person or child from a country like France.

Radio caller furious, rightly at Amber Rudd and the jewish and christianoid religionists who are globalists, because they are, and pretend not to understand 2+2=4. No. You haven’t got precisely any duty to take people from France. As for Stella Creasy also known as “the dumb bitch” the one who voted pro bombing Syria and pretends to care about “refugee children” and I suspect she may really be dumber than cruel, I don’t understand how could she possibly be elected anywhere; next general elections, please, Britons, the likes of Creasy and Miliband, all of them, elected nowhere.

Calais jungle, if you take people from there, will regenerate and if people can use children for the re-unification they, who are evil, because it’s untrue that the migrants are good, in Africa many people make children and abandon them,  will use the children as an anchor. Tell me how is it possible that there are children in Calais and their loving parents already in Britain? Did the parents come to Britain and leave the children behind? And you re-unificate children with such parents? if they are parents. It is clear that the illegal immigrants do use children for the crossing of the sea, France must take them and eventually if there are really the relatives in the UK I told you, the move must be southwords not towards the North, Cazeneuve is only helping the human traffickers like Renzi or like the smooth religionists who pretend to care about children and they don’t they just expose to the danger of smuggling the next children that are in Africa and that the smugglers will use if they can use them to move, settle and have benefits in the UK. This plan must fail and yes, I think very badly both of Rowan Williams and the Rabbi of London, because Stella Creasy is stupid, they are not, they are smooth and cunning, no matter the cross hanging on their neck like on Madonna Ciccone’s, so they understand perfectly they are just pulling other people to try to do the same to please Baron Rothschild who’s the big organizer of this immoral mega smuggling operation.

To take people from France must be considered out of the question.

A RADIO host was taken aback after a caller from Manchester hit out at plans to remove children from the Calais Jungle and move them to the UK.

Source: Calais: LBC caller launches stunning rant against French over child refugees | UK | News | Daily Express

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