But dear Telegraph, when we say “Elite” we mean Rothschild, we don’t mean Ryan Shorthouse.

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One of the Britain’s many metropolitan liberals CREDIT:  CULTURA/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK


There is a bit of misunderstanding; we don’t mean as elite people who live in London and have a nice job, we mean the “masters” the leaders of the globalists. I don’t understand the new article by a Ryan Shorthouse who has certainly a nice job in London, but no one suspects he’s a reptilian, on the Telegraph.

They know perfectly we criticize very high.  Here’s an extract of the astonishing article of this man:

Here’s the life lesson I and countless others heard from our parents and teachers when we were growing up: work hard at school, go to university and chase your dream job in the big city. But these days, when you successfully do all of this, you get lambasted for being a member of the “liberal metropolitan elite“.

“Denouncing the existence of an elite is anti-meritocratic. That’s why it’s particularly puzzling that those on the political Right are joining in this class warfare”
Ryan Shorthouse

We rightly condemn sneering and stereotyping of certain social groups: the white working-class, for example. Judging people on the basis of their social identity rather than their actions leads to discrimination and divisiveness. But we have to be consistent: you should not judge people on the basis of their socio-economic characteristics, whether they’re underprivileged or privileged.

Ok, it is already full of mistakes like an egg, but let alone that we anti-Illuminati bloggers for “élite” mean no less than Rothschild, Rockefeller and the Windsors & Co., maybe in other ambients they use the term in a much wider sense, but I have to mark the three giant mistakes of this guy “Work hard at school and go to University” in Britain whether you go to a good school and to University or not depends solely on your parents and I must make clear, once you pay they give you the degree, also in Oxford, so there’s no much working hard to succeed I’m afraid, in fact these people are so jealous of losing the jobs for which a university degree is required that they are against opening grammar schools not to have the competition of cleverer students coming from a non rich ambient, and this fear of the competition with the clever ones is the only reason they don’t want Grammar Schools, that would activate meritocracy really in the UK’s society. The rest of the quote “judging people on the basis of their social identity …leads to discrimination and divisiveness etc.” means he’s a rubber stamp on the status quo, he’s totally flattened on the imposed from above, and by “above” I mean not him I must delude him, new political correct language, which means he’s shortsighted. He’s a conservative who looks like a lefty thug, only for he thinks it’s fashionable. He writes both for the Guardian and for the Telegraph, which means he’s really un-dangerous for everybody. He voted Remain probably.

And I am sure he would even vote Hillary instead of Trump, but not for he supports massacres in Libya or calling the americans who are poor “bucket of losers” in front of the – paying – audience of Goldman Sachs, I am sure he even wants peace in the Middle East, but he doesn’t care, he doesn’t look inside, he drinks what the system gives him to drink, sure, he won’t be poisoned. These people wake up from their lethargy only if a Prime Minister “menaces” to open new Grammar Schools, then they realize life and competition may be based on something more than daddy’s money and they jump, there they rebel, they didn’t jump for Iraq, Libya, the lies about Syria, they don’t even want to know not to risk to lose sleep at night, but for Grammar Schools they jump: “Grammar schools are the injustice”. This happens when deep inside you’re conscious you’re nothing special, you don’t want to be special; Ryan Shorthouse is the cool Britannia gone bad.


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