Post-Brexit Britain won’t be “like the Nazis” but Jews will have less power and Muslims too. And that’s a good thing for all.


Many Jews have claimed they will flee Britain (if it were true!) after Brexit: they are buffoons.


It won’t be like the Nazis, but the Jews as a group and as a lobby will have less power therefore the Nazis claims, because now people are going extreme: you can’t be like the eighties, with less immigrants and more patriotism, but obviously no Nazi. No, either the Jews control everything and the muslims can do Sharia-patrols and people can jump from Calais to Dover without permission and without the documents or you are like the Nazis, it’s like they never saw the eighties or even the nineties in their lives, the Jews feel the smell when they lose power and they will, but this is a good thing for all. The Muslims, it depends, if you’re a muslim who doesn’t like Sharia-Patrols you may feel relieved about the crackdown on immigration and the repatriation of the undesirable, you would be freer to live like a westerner, if you want the hate speech laws – for the whites only – and do extreme Islam in Europe you may not. Remember that Sadiq Khan is reported to have called liberal muslims “Uncle Toms” at an interview with the iranian television, uncle Toms meaning pretty much the slaves of the whites kind with the whites, otherwise called “house niggers”, but now it’s still easy to compare everything to the Nazis, though it won’t last long: logically tell me why if I want, we want, the same immigration system we had in the eighties, before Tony Blair did the human trafficker and augmented scandalously the number of immigrants to Britain against the true interest of the country, why aren’t we like the governors of the eighties and should we be compared to the ones of the thirties?

In Israel they kill, and you are antisemitic if you are philo-palestinian, in the eighties it was obvious that the lefty politicians were pro-Palestine and they weren’t called Nazis or fascists, Israel does not want to revert there, their “solution” is to call Nazis everybody, in the eighties, not in the thirties there wasn’t the opinion crime and Irving was out of jail, that’s what the jews and some muslims call “the Nazis”.


This is what the organized Jews and their lefty minions call “the Nazis”. They are buffoons 2.

The Jews want to command, not to be contradicted, to have two nationalities, not to give one nationality to the palestinians and to kill them one by one and call you Nazi for alibi. That doesn’t work and must not work.

Donald Trump is certainly more like Reagan than Hitler, but they trade on Hitler.

I am convinced that the end of the jewish power is very near, the anglo-saxons are taking back control over Britain because they know, unless they are really always completely drunk, that unless they do it now they’ll lose it. The jewish power you can see it in Israel, with good peace of Natalie Portman who plays the “sad good one” and the muslim power you can check it in many countries of the Middle East.

The EU and the Fed are controlled by jewish bankers and corporations, Mario Draghi is controlled directly by Goldman Sachs therefore the attachement to the EU and the reluctance to give back power to the democratically elected Parliaments by the Jews who control the jewish organizations.

So, it won’t be like the Nazis, but Jews and Muslims will lose grip on Britain and this is a good thing. For everybody.

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