Have clear in your mind: the EU was destroyed on purpose through mass immigration ’cause it was meant as a mid-step towards the NWO. Brexit is a No to the NWO not to Europe.

Maybe some people haven’t understood that the EU as a “European” Union was destroyed on purpose pulling down the external borders of Italy and Greece – with a non-little help from Germany – because the same EU was meant as a mid-term step towards the NWO, it’s not casual in fact the contemporary pushing of the anti-white agenda, which is clearly aimed at native european ethnicities, the collapse of the external borders and the intake, massive intake, of non-white christian immigrants was meant as a – failed – step towards total globalization, to disintegrate the white christian identity of the europeans and to avoid that a european identity, european always as mainly white and christian, could form itself really in the minds of the european people. Even far right wingers at the european parliament, like Roberto Fiore, Udo Voigt and Golden Dawn people together with Nick Griffin had formed a group, the Alliance for Peace and Freedom, so in a way, the experiment of creating a sort of european identity had worked, but, it was too “aryan” too, so to say, white and christian and the EU masons/commissioners were given the order to destroy it. How? Pulling down the external borders of the EU, the ones with Africa and Asia and unfortunately the italian and the greek PMs did it, and are still doing it, in Italy the self invasion goes on. I hope it will stop soon because I don’t see the point in going on taking immigrants unless it is really for Renzi’s wife to have a little job in  a state school near home, but even for them it should be too little (I’m joking, Renzi is PM probably based on the pact that he takes immigrants, like Blair).


In this very explicative photo you can see the “Altiero Spinelli” EU building’s entrance, Altiero Spinelli was a jew a mason and a communist and one of the founders of the EU and the group of far right wingers ultra-nationalists European Members of the Palriaments with the italian Fiore, the english Griffin, the german Voigt etc. In a way, Spinelli’s experiment had worked.

So, don’t feel guilty you brexiteers, you didn’t say No to Beethoven or to Dante, you said No to the NWO. End of it. The people who did the European Union couldn’t stand to see it becoming a giant “aryan” thing with Roberto Fiore shaking hands with Griffin and Voigt, they had managed to do it, this European Union, after all, but they, not the brexiteers, destroyed it: they don’t like us, I can tell you, the jewish masons who did it said: “I didn’t do this for the white christians to have an empire”. Now they broke it.

You know perfectly that without the collapse of the external borders Brexit probably wouldn’t have happened, just like Switzerland wouldn’t be patrolling the swiss-italian border like a war zone with helicopters and tanks, but Italy as a State is behaving in an indecent way: it takes migrants, discharges them to Italy and then, instead of registering them, like Hollande in France with Calais, tries to send them towards North to be registered and fed by the Swiss. They are doing the human traffickers. I hope this nightmare ends. But the EU was destroyed on purpose by the masons who did it, I don’t know how to tell you, if the european identity had set roots Europe would oppose the NWO and become another white christian empire and they didn’t want it. So you said No to the NWO and the EU we saw till two years ago was deliberately destroyed, they even wanted to pass a law to make it illegal for right wing parties be elected in the EU parliament and this kind of threats. Get over it, if it is a fault, it’s not your fault.

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