More black officers in the Army, no National Anthem, no-borders, EU; what does this make you think? The final Aim is the anglo-saxon protestant Britain’s dissolution, with the Windsors on top of it. But the solution is there…unleash the real Far-right.


Michael Fallon, Defence Secretary UK, with the prortait of Winston Churchill at the wall.

Come on, you can see it with your own eyes, apart that there’s evidently a sort of parallel state in Britain where the army takes orders not by the Minister of the defence or the King/Queen, in fact, who gave the order to give more places as officers to non white people? Who’s in control of this anti-white/diversity master-book, Michael Fallon? I don’t think so. Who can give the rules for sexual education and diversity in the school? And who decides who has to work at the BBC? Because all these institutions seem out of control, who personally, name and last name (Rothschild), is in control of this pro-diversity anti-white conspiracy, who signed the papers and gave the order to give more jobs to black and asians and not giving them to the whites? It’s not the Parliament, it’s not the responsible Minister and it’s not the Monarch. It’s evident there is a parallel State that gives orders to state officers but it’s not the regular minister.

Treason. Hang them.

Now I give you the solution, recruit an army of loyalists and put them inside the State to fight against the NWO masons like Mandelson, I don’t call him Lord Mandelson anymore because he wants the NWO and in the NWO there’s no such title. He doesn’t want Britain with the National Anthem? No title of Lord for him anymore.

Then, at a parliamentary level, repeal all the hate speech laws and allow the guys of Britain First and the BNP do the tough job, destroy the masons and the leftists with the real far right, since they call everybody a far right winger give them the real ones, because it is evident they want to destroy entirely the Nation from the white working class and white poor, up to the students of Saint Andrew’s College that shouldn’t wear countryside sporty clothes not to offend the ones who don’t go hunting and shooting or even only riding – a leftist riding, oh dear, he’s too busy smoking skunk – up very up to Queen Elizabeth or William etc. You know they left you with no choice. Be hard, until you can, there’s Paul Golding, abolish these hate speech laws and let the far right do the job. And I warn you, me the italian, the bad, the “fascist” it’s really the Jews – not all of them though- whether you like it or not, pulling the strings. It’s Israel and the israeli zionist lobby. It’s not my or the Germans’s fault, they are not thankful for what Britain did, like all the Milibands they want to destroy you, they hate you more than they hate the Nazis who, at least, wanted to kill them not to save them, but for them it seems to be the same: the more you trust them, the more they hurt you, I’m not saying you should do the holocaust again or wear a black shirt, and I’m not saying you must not recognize the loyal jews, but you must drop any help to Israel and isolate Rothschild, trap him, arrest him and absorb the bank. And arrest also his minions, like Mandelson.

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