Illuminati hunting Kim? Again in Paris…where the bodyguards of the rich stop doing their duty; see Diana, see Amschel Rothschild…

Why in Paris the super-security doesn’t work anymore?

Amschel Rothschild, son of Victor and younger brother of Jacob, found dead in Paris, Bristol Hotel, 5 stars, no security? It was suicide, obviously, otherwise he was murdered by his own security guards.

Lady Diana nothing-less-than the Princess of Wales, ok, she wasn’t royal highness anymore, but she was the mother of the future King of England and was under security protection, that stopped working in Paris, staying at the Ritz, another super-hotel, was being brought around Paris in a stolen car without black box, or no, even better the black box with the device for the electronic tools of the Mercedes had been stolen, then substituted and then the stolen mercedes went back in the super garage of the super Ritz and it was used precisely for bringing around the Princess of Wales. Normal.

And the poor Amschel Rothschild? Who knows maybe he was against legalizing the marriage man – animal and the Illuminati killed him off.

Paris, Paris, the city of love become the City of death and massacre, Paris shooting, Bataclan, the mega attack at the stadium- the stadium, yes – Charlie Hebdo, and you ask yourself why Jean Marie LePen hasn’t been elected President instead of Hollande yet, I would vote him, of course, what could go wronger than this?

And in Paris Kim Kardashian got at gun-point. In another super luxury hotel/flat where the security for super rich ones doesn’t work anymore, again.

An advice for Kim? I think so. Maybe she wanted to rebel to something, like Britney Spears. Remember that Kim Kardashian is married to Kanye West the author of the openly Illuminati song and video “Power” who shows openly the “Illuminati sign” and tries openly to make the Illuminati pyramid fashionable. So, it’s not a conjecture. Also Kim was reported many times to be fully into the Illuminati agenda herself.

But why is the power of the Illuminati so big in Paris? Bigger than in Rome or than in London?


The french cousin? David de Rothschild, president du Groupe Rothschild, fils du baron Guy de Rothschild et Alexandre de Rotschild

The “french cousin” is how Lord Jacob Rothschild referred to the late Guy de Rothschild, father and grandfather of the two men picted above, and he was married to that Marie Helene who organized the “clearly” Illuminati parties at the Ferriere, the villa she illuminated with red lights “like hell” when she wanted to give her strange and quite unpleasant fests. Marie Helene was half jewish half catholic and like the first wife of Evelyn de Rothschild, the one who died, had connections both with the Vatican and with Israel, Illuminati squared. And there, in Paris they seem to be in condition to do everything they like, unlike London or Rome. They even prohibited Sarkozy to form a government with Le Pen. Why do they have all this power? The french must wake up and take back control of Paris.

Remember that when Diana died, even the CCTV of the Alma Tunnel, only for that day, were turned towards the exit and not towards the entrance as usual, remember that also for Kim Kardashian’s assault there’s no CCTV footage, even though that’s a highly important and rich quarter of the town and remember that in Nice, we have the CCTV footage of Nice attack because the Mayor of Nice Estrosi and a woman police officer refused the “command” to destroy it. Not in Paris, in Paris they don’t refuse it evidently.


Ferriere, the villa where baroness Rothschild gave her satanic parties


The catholic Louvre, now the entrance is covered by a pyramid.

Vote Jean Marie. Le Pen.


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  1. Your article is interesting but your argumentation ethics surprising to say the least. I don’t exactly get how you operate the end conclusion from a whole series of explanation on what the illuminati allegedly do and what you present as a logical conclusion while it is as illogical as saying hell freezes over a hundred times because clouds in the skies are silver lined. A surprising grand-écart of mental agility is required to even start to see why you would connect both.
    In any case, I think one should avoid the mainstream over-chewed, unsubstantiated ill-advised amalgamation of a section of freemasonry gone awry with the illuminati if they exist. The original illuminati do not trace back to Weishaupt and his deviation on an existing but hidden group of persons. They are in fact the watchers, the knowers. Those who know about future events and who have seen the true nature of reality and understand it. Pity Weishaupt and a section of freemasonry are brandishing this to undermine the true nature of the group.


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