Advising government on Brexit

I have a simple answer to the government on seeking advice on Brexit.
They should not seek advice from consultants who were urging us to stay in until June 23rd, who want to charge the taxpayer a lot of money for their advice, and who have not read and understood the many documents which have established the EU.
The task is much easier than many of these wannabe consultants want us to believe. The PM has made clear we are taking back control of our laws and our borders. We also need to take control of our money. This means none of these things can be negotiated.
There are two simple ways of trading in the future. We can carry on as at present tariff free. This is obviously the right answer for our partners who sell us so much. If they want to damage their trade with us, then we can trade under WTO MFN status.
There are various people who have read all the necessary documents, who believe there is a good way through for the UK and who will provide their advice free. I suggest this is what the…Source: Advising government on Brexit

I totally agree and I am quite in a hurry, I hope this Brexit thing to move on quickly, the various Hollande and Renzi and Merkel, not to mention Juncker are basically there to destroy their own nation on behalf of the NWO, I can’t help if it is true, detach yourself from this about to self destroy entity, it will be like in those action movies where the heroes escape from a building the bad ones have put on purpose explosives in – and the bad ones are the globalists – and when the hero is finally out, the building explodes alone. This is what is happening, I saw a photograph of Hollande prized by the jewish rabbis and another major globalist Kissinger, mind you what he’s up to, Merkel’s policies are a failure, the Deutsche Bank is collapsing and she goes on sproloquing about open borders, while the Germans are actually being protected by Orban – they should make a statue to him in Berlin-. The EU army is another trick, Juncker wants the soldiers to still wear the national uniform, to better trick the citizens as usual, but to take orders directly from Brussels and to do what? To relocate migrants against the will of the people that Juncker wants to turn into useless and democracy is over. Get out of here now!

I hope the army that takes orders from Brussels Juncker and co. at least doesn’t happen.


If you don’t hurry up Brexit will look like this, if you’re lucky.

I tell you, in Italy, Germany and Greece the ruling people are in full anti-patriotic mode; in Italy Renzi does not pay the italian firms that did works on behalf of the italian state and gives the money for the migrants, while the firms close – firms that have worked for the italian State and don’t receive the payments by the State and cannot pay the wages to the employees – because this is what his globalist masters told him and he does it.

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