Overflowing Italian Shelters Force Migrants to Stay on Ships. Read: Europe should be invaded by immigrants so Renzi and the italian corrupted ruling class doesn’t lose the job given to them by the globalists. Sack them all.

The situation in Italy is ridiculous, there are so many immigrants who are not refugees taken by the italian lefty flotilla that the shelters for immigrants are full and now the last package of migrants must stay on the boat.

What’s “strange” with this? I give you a couple of comments of readers of Breitbart that summarize well the situation:

“Let me get this straight, you pick up migrants 30 miles off the coast of Libya, and instead of arranging to have them returned directly to the coast (only thirty miles away) decide it’s a much better option to take them 600 or so miles to Europe – and then you wonder why your shelters are full up?

  • Why is this so obvious to everyone except those who need to realise that if you provide a ferry service, more will be encouraged to come.

    • Avatar

      “more will be encouraged to come”.

      They obviously want them to come! Then when they are in Italy they walk out of the camps…….. then to a country of their choosing.

      If only we had known they were going to do this to Europe…….and so quickly.

      • Those of us who had a good idea of what was happening were called ‘waaycists’ or ‘little Englanders’ (I’m Welsh btw). We were smeared. We were ridiculed. We were RIGHT!

        And more:

        The International Rescue Committee is run by David Miliband. His brother Ed Miliband runs the Labour Party in UK . His father Ralph was UKs leading Marxust academic of the 60s. His Grandfather Sam Miliband rode with the Red Army in the 20s massacring his fellow Poles in Poland and setting up the country for Communism And all of them are Jews and all of them are Communists and all of them want white Western Europe destroyed. Nothing has changed since Trotsky. . The names change slightly but the goal
        of eradicating Nation States and white identity never changes.

        The dramatic situation of Italy’s overpacked migrant welcome centers has obliged authorities to delay debarkation of hundreds of new arrivals.

        The Milibands are loathesome creatures.

Source: Overflowing Italian Shelters Force Migrants to Stay on Ships

The very interesting situation is that readers and citizens are infinitely more intelligent than Renzi and the globalists think. They have understood pretty much everything. Now it’s all about voting Right wing and getting rid of the globalists, in fact I suppose Breitbart’s readers vote Farage and this is why we are winning. While Theresa May and Amber Rudd are doing well, the era of the globalists seems over. One more thing, we refuse the concept that Italy and Europe should be invaded by immigrants so Renzi and Hollande keep a job they’re absolutely not up to and keep it just obeying to globalist individuals, zionists who ordered them the wiping out of the white culture using them as kapos – and they do it -. We are not Jews we shall not be victimized. We must get rid of this so called “ruling class” do you know the joke about Hitler coming back and telling his loyal supporters: “Ok guys, but this time be bad!”

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