UKIP leader? He must be Rocky or Rambo: Steven Woolfe knocked down, Diane James leaves “under duress” Farage doesn’t want to do it anymore..Daily Express

Have you understood what’s going on, Readers? The UKIP Leader must be like a political Rocky or Rambo, too strange things are happening inside UKIP, the leftists behave like a dirty mafia and… in fact… what does it mean that Diane James left “under duress” after merely 18 days? Remember that the BNP was sabotaged from the inside by people who had infiltrated it on purpose. Farage could still do something, but even he can’t stand the stress any longer…

Theresa May, in compensation, is by luck behaving like a Right wing Tory, but what’s happening in UKIP is a sign of a sickening society, and no one wants to talk about it openly which is another very bad sign…

The fact that the fight is “inside” UKIP doesn’t mean anything, also the BNP was destroyed, on purpose, from the inside. I believe Arron Banks should candidate himself directly, like Berlusconi and Trump, he has the money, he can pay his own bodyguards – also Julius Caesar had private security he paid by himself for he was rich – I told you, to rescue Europe from the dirty banking sodomite Left we must be fighters, it’s a war, not so covert and I believe even David Cameron and George Osborne know something about it…

UKIP leadership favourite Steven Woolfe is in a serious condition in hospital today after he collapsed following an “altercation” at a meeting of the party’s MEPs.

Source: Ukip Steven Woolfe COLLAPSES after being PUNCHED at MEPs meeting at European Parliament | Politics | News | Daily Express

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