Merkel accepts 500 immigrants monthly of the africans landed to Italy … to be able to rescue Deutsche Bank. EU reduced Germany like Greece.


I hope this comes true, Merkel – and also Renzi – to resign now. Pray Jesus that these corrupted politicians resign and we get honest representatives.

EU works like this: they fill you with ideas about european identity and not being european white christians, then the banks, the Rothschilds ruin your country giving you economic rules wrong and dysfunctional on purpose, when you need to save the financial system from collapse they impose you “migrants quotas” to bring about the destruction of white christian Europe which is their very aim.

They did it with Greece and then with Italy, through Renzi who’s a mason and a human trafficker, and now they even managed to destroy Germany: Merkel has not found place for the migrants who are wandering around Germany yet, that promised Renzi to take another 500 per month from the ones landed/brought to Italy, the african thugs Calais style. Why, if she has not settled the ones “from Syria” who are in Germany yet? To be able to rescue the failing Deutsche Bank. Economy and immigration are the tools of Rothschild, it’s untrue that only the poor southern economies are liable to this destruction plan, they wait and wait and as soon as they can, because they let you break the rules until you get so indebted you must be bailed-out or die, and then come out the Rothschild globalist power with the “bargain” take more non white christians immigrants and I let you rescue the bank, always at german, or italian taxpayers’s expenses, which means they use our tax-money to save their banks and fill our territory with muslim african or asian immigrants: they let us pay for our destruction, this is the jewish bankers.

Exit the EU, wherever you are, Germany, Holland, Finland, all, this is the EU, this is how it works. Please, do like Britain. I hope this Brexit parliamentary passages to happen soon and quickly. The masons use the economic, generated on purpose, collapse to impose the disgusting Kalergy plan to destroy whiteness, that they have plotted among jewish ambients ever since the nineties, studing it at a university level and pushing it with liberals and lefty politicians and obviously television – that must be ditched entirely not to be brainwashed. The Rothschilds put the money to buy the necessary workforce for the plan.

Get out of the EU, all the countries, I hope Holland to exit next, if Germany can fall Holland and the other “rich” countries can fall too.

And one more thing, Merkel must be a bitch or very corrupted to surrender to this plan, she is not morally or hasn’t got the competence at the height of running Germany. Close the EU.

And do this: pray Jesus Christ that this freemasonry-controlled ruling class disappears and is subjected to the Justice on earth as in Heaven, because they are selling us for their own career or because they are being blackmailed, and that He the Lord gives us a ruling class that responds to Him and applies His rules and is not jewish or masonic or muslim. Amen. Pray both together and alone, Jesus will listen.

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