It’s time to give Nigel Farage a Peerage to make the leftists understand that UKIP and the Right are Establishment.


Nigel Farage must not be treated like a political pariah any longer. It wouldn’t make sense and it would be unjust.

Simon Heffer had proposed a peerage for Nigel Farage and I believe, after the migrant crisis, the collapse, done on purpose, of the greek and italian borders, the invasion of Calais, the EU that says to censor the news about the muslim terrorists, but why not the news about right wing terrorists if there were any? I believe it will help people understand UKIP did well and the leftists cannot spit into UKIPPERS’s face or threaten them with the tacital approval of the institutions, the same institutions UKIP does help to keep alive whereas the leftists want to destroy them, from the borders to the Monarch they don’t swear loyalty to.


The establishment must make clear Britain intends to stay a Nation, a multicultural nation maybe, but absolutely does not recommend the abolition of the borders, or treating clandestine immigrants as war refugees, or giving jobs to foreigners for the sake of not paying the minimum wage to the Britons; that there is a difference between having several communities inside a Nation and abolishing the Nation abolishing the borders and that in any case Britain is a christian country that has welcomed the others without making apostasy of Christianity.

The jewish bankers must swallow it: they don’t count anything like a government. Give  a peerage to Nigel Farage and don’t allow UKIP to end up like the BNP to have more several years of crazy lazy immigration policy. That the borders control and selected immigration are considered a positive thing, while to help the poor as such you can help them also in their own countries helping the local government – without tricky communist NGOs in the middle btw-.

I don’t know precisely what’s happening inside UKIP, but I know that Nigel Farage received death threats, Diane James was bullied outside of the political competition by a male lefty thug who threatened her and spat at her, and the inner fight between ukippers reminds me of the tricks inside the BNP to boycott the party from the inside, maybe this last interpretation  is wrong, but when I read that the BNP was being boycotted from the inside I didn’t believe it, now I do.

I know many people during the Brexit campaign had come out against the open borders, particularly before the death of Jo Cox, and I saw them black and asians who admitted or plainly said the open borders is a crazy policy and cannot be adopted – they are right, the entire state system would fail and this is what the crooked leftists want btw – then entrepreneurs started saying that yes, EU rules are not at all good for business, one after the other, let’s tell the truth, if Jo Cox hadn’t died, Brexit would have won with at least 6 points lead, eventually even ten, and I’m not joking, people who have the polls result in the week before Cox’s murder know how the Brexit was spinning, the black weren’t ashamed of saying the country was overcrowded and this because of Farage who told them they’re not obliged to be leftwingers they can be right wingers and the country is overcrowded by the wrong type of immigrants: the scroungers looking for benefits for themselves and for the families, and the rich entrepreuneurs? All ready to get rid with hated Brussels regulations, who was in favour of Remain? The bankers and only the financing damn system: the usurers who like to make the countries collapse to bully them later – like Greece – to impose them sacrificial rules against the interests of the people, the ones who do the speculations on the sterling and these ones must not win. This means, UKIP and the political Right are “here to stay” so to say, no one can treat Farage like  a pariah anymore, he and UKIP need prized because they are helping the state sytem survive in a tempest organized by the globalists that’s meant to swipe away the entire concept of state nation and you know I’m speaking the truth. Give him a peerage and if necessary state protection. And I tell you something: there’s a tale some people take as prophecy that says that by the end of world only four Kings will remain on earth, well, if one of those is the King of England it’ll be for Farage.

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