Editor’s Video Message about Whiteness Studies the Black and the Jews who do not like BLM; Erkenbrand and Millennials Woes.


Editor Paola Distilo – screenshot.

Video message recorded yesterday, before wordpress.com changed the music player widget without my intervention and I went on all the furies as I explained in the previous post. This message is dedicated to the Black and the Jews who do not like Black Lives Matter and the marxist no-borders agenda and how should we deal with this without weakening the fight against Black Lives Matter and the marxist, unfortunately jewish, agenda and without offending people who have nothing to do with it: by being individualist and explaining to the jews that we cannot support Israel and shut up about the israeli lobby because we cannot lose this war, we explain also to the Black that we are against the BLM.

The second message is for Millennial Woes, the dutch right wingers of Erkenbrand, the Swedish ones and the other right-wingers in the world: we must not revert to an inward-looking type of nationalism and start perceiving ourselves as bilingual, kind of italian-english, swedish english, dutch-english etc. to communicate with one another and strengthen this international right wingers’ club we are actually forming that absolutely requires that we understand one another, the rest, listen to it and watch it:

You must have noticed how happy I was about the new music player widget so I could give the musical tone to the homepage and the main post and so on, and so you understand my rage against wordpress.com that failed it on purpose after one day changing de facto the widget without my permission. We must be more respected, I suggest all the bloggers to move on wordpress.org and pay an engineer if you cannot handle it by yourself.

P.S. added at 16:35 06 October

The Music Player is probably ok in itself, but very poor quality if you compare it with the plug-ins of wordpress.org, I don’t like it the same, actually with one browser it works one way and with another the other. I changed it with a small video that I use for the music soundtrack of the day.

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