Ditch WordPress.com: it’s tricky. If you’re a web editor you better pay a web engineer and use wordpress.org


Wordpres.com or wordpress.org? If you want to be serious pay an engineer and go absolutely with wordpress.org. WordPress.com is NOT for making money or for serious publishers.

 Wordpress.com is one of the most tricky/trickiest web host in the world, I’ll soon have to move to wordpress.org and pay an engineer. Why you must not use wordpress.com:

They don’t give me the real number of visits, some posts have 2 likes and zero visits which is impossible, not only, on my e-mail address I have likes and comments that do not appear on the web page or on the statistics counter, they do not publish the comments, they publish comments when I close the comment board, and yesterday, even changed the music player functioning to remove the possibility to listen to music while reading the website; they changed it after it had worked for a day. All this for € 300 per year, the business plan, “their maximum” the supposedly “very best” according to wordpress.com. But I’ll do such a bad publicity to them they must close, it’s almost ok when you are on the free plan, you don’t pay anything, if there are dysfunctions in the end it’s always something for free, paying the premium or even the business plan and have this, it’s like they rob money or they are not at the height of what they offer as a service. I hate them. If you are a businessman or a company or a blogger that wants to be serious be careful because wordpress.com steals you the money, the clients and does not allow you contact with the customers.

Pay an engineer you know almost personally who doesn’t give a damn about the “Illuminati” or freemasonry because I saw bloggers who earned a living blogging against freemasonry and the supposed “elite”, which is just a bunch of robber bankers, only because they gave the management of their blog to real engineers who take their part of the money but honestly allow the publisher to earn well and their blog was miserable in comparison to mine, or at least it looked misearble, I don’t want to judge the content, but… Let’s go back to the humans. WordPress.com and fucking “happiness engineers” I hope you lose the money, the jobs and the clients. All of them. The premium and the business plan are absolutely not worthy it, not reliable, they absolutely shouldn’t be allowed to call it “business” plan they’re all bla bla they should be sued. Use wordpress.com as long as it is for free but then, if you want to go premium or business or only professional and earn something and have the real feedback of the readers or customers pass onto an engineer that uses wordpress.org, I warn you, or you’ll lose the money.

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  1. ‘some posts have 2 likes and zero visits which is impossible’ – so I’m not the only one who gets them; and I have deliberately not ‘liked’ this for that reason.


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