Do they still have bullets, these sell-outs? Jo Johnson insists “University educated people voted Remain”. Because they think in the EU they would still get a job and don’t care about the fishers and moreover are ignorant.


Jo Johnson

Now, about intelligence I am proud, everything but not that the brexiteers are less clever or smart than the remainers, the remainers are, when rich, like Jo and Rachel Johnson, a bunch of egoistic toffs whose only problem in life is not to quarrel with the other rich ones in the club. I must admit I contained myself solely for respect of Boris Johnson, but I’m afraid the little brother does not deserve it. Do they still have bullets these sell outs? And it’s always the same “clever people, pardon not clever, educated people voted remain, while the hard working class – read “the rude ones” – and the racists voted Leave” mantra.


The point is the difference between clever and educated, in the UK you go to University if you’re rich not if you’re clever, and many university students are not smart at all and need No-platforming and heckling instead if discussing because in a debate they would lose.

Clever people and smart people are brexiteers, like his brother Boris or a list of very highly successful and educated people like Redwood, like Klesch, like probably Tim Cook, like Liam Fox. But do you know what they miss the remainers? the remainers who are university students? They miss the pleasure of being corsair, the pleasure to really defy the wicked part of the establishment: they are scared of losing some tea time invitation by some robber baron transformed into a Lord. They sell themselves for very little. Who cares about the fishermen? Who cares about my and my territories’ s waters are dominated by norwegians and the EU blocks me and my people from fishing in my waters in the name of peace in the world and is leaving the best part of it to the ones who bribe them? Who cares about the bribes? You and your university students in a world where university is for the few rich ones you think in the evil empire of the end of democracy would still get a job, paid well enough to uncork spumante. No Martini? No Party. Who cares if it is undemocratic?

Lord Lawson cared. And also your brother.

I must admit the difference with his brother and sister makes me raise the esteem for Boris Johnson. He must have fought a bit against his own ambient, which is sometimes the worst fight. Some people are liars, some people are fighters, that’s the point.

I tell you more: the university students who wanted remain they don’t even care about the truth, that the UK economy is surclassing the EU, all the EU countries’ economies and the “fears” about the pound are ridiculous.

What do they teach at University? Ah yes, race and gender, a lot of gender probably. Let other people steer the ship where it has to go, can’t you even see the EU is in free fall, idiot? Not only Greece and Italy; Spain is without a government for the impossibility to apply the EU norms and to have a government at the same time without imposing a famine to 40% of the population, we’re lucky enough if there hasn’t been a golpe yet, and now also Germany is in economic crisis with the Deutsche Bank ridden in debts and actually failing, but what do these university students read if they don’t even know that Deutsche Bank is failing, the italian banking system has already failed, in Greece there is the famine and in Spain it’s impossible to stay in the EU and have a government at the same time? What the hell do they read your students? If they’re educated and still so unaware of what’s really going on in Brussels it means they are stupid because all the lethal problems listed above are all EU-generated. Sorry Boris, I stop just because he’s your brother. Put him to bed.


You should at least know that without Brexit the UK would be required to take immigrants from the debt ridden countries, take Calais migrants ’cause they don’t like France, pay the bailouts of all these euro-generated catastrophes, and still they dare and call me undereducated? idiot. You are retarded, an undereducated brexiteer is anyway much cleverer than a university student remainer.

But I want more. I want satisfaction: all these supposedly clever remainers must explain, in details, the problems I listed above and explain why in their opinion they’re not EU-generated – which they are – in a public debate, no easy way out of “no-platforming” for the ones who contradict them, or they must shut up about the intelligence of the brexiteers. Forever.

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