There’s no such thing as lefty christianity: the 7 sins are divided into Pride same for all, the three sins of the powerful and the three of the underdogs

Lefty Christianity does not exist, the concept of “white privilege” falls instead into the category of envy, a capital sin, capital means you may go to hell for envy just like for wrath; rightwingers and leftwingers, rich and poor white and black may not do the same kind of sins, but they all have the same chances of going to hell. This is real christian theology:

The Capital 7 sins: remember “capital sin” is a sin for which you risk hell unless you repent and Jesus saves you and it’s no way an exclusive of the white and privileged.

The partition of the 7 sins is this:

  1. Pride; the mother of the other six, the head of the dragon.
  2. Greed;
  3. Lust;
  4. Wrath;
  5. Envy;
  6. Gluttony;
  7. Sloth.

While Pride is the mother of the other sins that all descend from it, the first three sins of the first group of children sins that is Greed, Lust and Wrath are the sins of the lucky ones, while the last three are the sins of the unlucky ones, envy gluttony and sloth, in any case only Pride is superior as danger, the maximum pride was Lucifer’s who was so proud he wanted to be God in the place of God, the other six are equal, this means that an envious person is as much of a sinner than a lustful one, no matter if he convinces himself since he’s miserable his envy is justified by the “white privilege” or by the fact that she/he’s miserable, let’s go into detail. To make you understand dear Readers, there’s no lefty Christianity.

The lucky rich ones, who are healthy, beautiful and quite wealthy or very wealthy tend to be greedy and attached to money because they know that if they lose money they lose power and the status of privilege which they recognize, since they are proud they are ashamed of becoming the underdog and diminish or lower their standard so they become attached to money, if they break moral rules for this attachment to money they may fall into the Capital sin of Greed. Greed is a capital sin, it does not mean you want to work and make money honestly and be succesful, it is when you break a moral rule for making money, kind of you exploit the workers, don’t pay the right wages, steal etc. People who are greedy they usually know what they’re doing.

The second sin, capital sin, in which the lucky ones tend to fall is Lust, they are handsome, rich, sportly, very often truly sexually attractive, they are lucky, healthy and moreover have money: they may not feel sated with one wife or husband, since they are under siege and courted by other women or men who might be sexually attractive and beautiful they tend to fall into adultery. Why is Lust a daughter of Pride? Because the lustful person puts his / her personal pleasure at a superior level than family values or community value, they may go in bed with the wife of their best friend if they like her only because they feel superior or to show off they are better, superior than the other man or woman and in any case put themself at a superior level than friendship or family, they risk to cause divorces. In case of prostitution they put their sexual emergency at a superior level than the risk to justify exploitation of prostitution. And we are still among the lucky ones and it’s already a hell.

The third Capital sin the lucky powerful ones fall into is wrath; the lucky powerful one always for pride and standing, not to diminish his social status punishes the ones who put at risk his social position and power and the sin of wrath is when they hurt too much in a way that goes beyond self defence for proving power and “giving lessons”.  You can go to hell if the wrath makes victims God wants to make justice for. God is just and cares about every creature. In Christianity self defence is justified, wrath is a capital sin.

The lucky ones have finished making sins, now the poor miserable, unfortunately the leftists tell the poor miserable they are not sinners, only the privileged and the rich are. Nothing more wrong and remember also the three sins of the “poor” unlucky descend from mother Pride, let’s see how Christianity teaches:

Envy, the poor miserable, unlucky maybe ugly one is proud, he/she thinks to deserve as much as let’s say Angelina Jolie but doesn’t get it, he/she becomes envious of Angelina or anyone else that has the things and the lifestyle and the men or the sexual life that they likes, he/she is so proud that he/she feels entitled to it, the envious is not envious of the Saints, they’re envious of the sinners of Lust and wrath, they would like to be like that and try to destroy them, saying false bad things about them, hurting them or fuelling the others against them, like George Soros with the Black Lives Matter against the white privileged, they teach the others not to forgive, not to forget the clashes of the past, they are like the social justice warriors against innocent white people for the sins of “your ancestors” etc. it’s like Aesop’s tale “The wolf and the lamb” where the wolf who wants to hurt the lamb said “You didn’t do anything to me, but your father did” and jumped to harass the lamb; these are the black lives matter, the leftists that are obsessive with destroying white privilege etc. The best example is when they attacked little Prince George who couldn’t have done anything against them and was in fact innocent.

The poor miserable unlucky one would like to be lustful but can’t and substitutes lust with gluttony, she/he eats continuously to compensate. The leftists who say obese people have a wonderful sexual life, lie, it’s untrue, they eat for compensating that dissatisfaction with their social and sexual condition.

Sloth is the end of the sins, you feel entitled to a wonderful job and a wonderful life condition but this doesn’t come, you cannot achieve it, so feeling superior to your own condition of life, for Pride obviously, the mother of all sins is always pride, you refuse to do the things you can actually do, for feeling superior you don’t do anything at all at this point, a priest said “The devil cut you into pieces and cannot even stand up from the sofa”. The sloth sin is peculiar and it is difficult that the sloth sinner recognize it as a sin.

The lucky sinners are also lucky because they recognize lust, wrath and greed as sins much more easily than the envious, gluttonous and the sluggish who feel so unlucky to think in the end they deserve paradise at least, which is not what Christianity teaches. Unfortunately for them.

Now the Left has denied such things as the unlucky unfortunate and ugly can be sinners like the lucky ones. Calais immigrants have already said they don’t want to wash dishes in London and in Germany many “refugees” refused the apprenticeships offered to them by the german state for they think it’s inferior to their honour, Calais immigrants and all the immigrants brought by Renzi want to go to the UK to live on benefits after swindling their own money – because they had money – to bribe the human traffickers and so “jumping” the queue of legal immigration and not even to work, but to claim war refugee status and state benefits, the leftists are behaving like the devil who tells them they are right. In Hungary they will be right if they refuse the migrants quotas, the very fact that they call them migrants and not refugees any longer means we are right and there’s no justification for giving state handouts to these people: they must be repatriated. As for the leftists, they behave like the Anti-Christ, like the serpent in the garden, for envy probably. Everything they do, everything they say sounds like envy, they even teach, Soros, Rothschild and co. to the migrants to hate us because we had more than they in our past and present. I am relieved by the fact that finally some Jews finding out that it is true that the lobby that pulls immigrants is jewish zionists have said “These are the things that make me feel ashamed of being Jew” and I’m not inventing it, many Jews refuse to go to the Synagogue or to participate to the jewish organized life because they don’t want to feel associated with this organization that’s promoting mass immigration and BLM.

To all the people who feel lack of energy and really find it difficult to move on, I say, remember that Jesus said you have to develop the talent you’ve got, you may have only one talent instead of five, but that one talent you can develop it: do the things you can do, if you feel sleepy or lacking energy really and you cannot do more no one can judge you, at least one talent you must have it somewhere, do that. Sometimes I also feel weak, useless, lacking energy, but I think I can write on Internet and I do it, other things I couldn’t do them and I am also giving you good catechism you know because nowadays there are priests who don’t teach this cathechism and have reduced catechism to “help the refugees” and love the gays, which is totally hysterical and I don’t know till what point they can go on like this. They know perfectly also the gays and the “refugees” are sinners.

And you see? Christianity is a good Religion. I promote Christianity. True Christianity, not washed up masonic “strange” version. If the priests taught good christian true cathechism many people, muslims, hindu and Jews would convert to christian; or at least would understand we’re not a bunch of idiots.

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