Why you can despise the jewish-israeli lobby and despise Hitler at the same time and the DailyStormer is an idiot. Hitler was Illuminati too.

I despise the jewish-israeli lobby or the israeli-lobby like some Jews call it not to mix with it not even by mistake, like Pieczenik or Finkelstein and they are right because they’re Jews but don’t want to be associated with that “satanic” association, well I despise them for the war on Truth and on Freedom of Speech they do in the name of the Holocaust, for they pushed for their supposed right to the double nationality that is the right to spy and lobby on behalf of Israel using your country’s institutions and resources and for the right to arrest the historians who contradict them about the Holocaust: they are evil, they are the devil, not Hamas, Hamas is only Hamas and didn’t kill 1/100 of the people the israelis managed to kill and to have bombed by the americans and the french through their fanatic neo-cons’s lobbying, and still have the bad taste to show photographs of jewish children in Auschwitz, in their opinion, to justify that and to silence the critics.

Hitler was really financed by high financial masonic institutions that had Jews in the administration board, JP Morgan, then Manhattan Chase Bank, Kuhn Loeb & Co. Why was Hitler pumped so much by the highest level of freemasonry? Probably to deport the european Jews to the Holy Land which the same jewish-israeli lobby wants to make it impossible for a historian to say it, obviously with their favourite tool “the opinion crime” and this is why also negationism must not be a crime. Now tell me, why on earth these two institutions Kuhn Loeb & Co. and Manhattan Chase Bank had to pump, giving millions of Marks, this austrian gentleman with no apparent important connections to insult, deport and traumatize the Jews? They financed the Holocaust. But look at reality, the personal secretary of Goebbels who presided the Holocaust was never arrested because she didn’t know anything about the Holocaust, Kuhn Loeb & Co, Manhattan Chase Bank, Rockefeller didn’t know anything about the Holocaust but who knew then? The barman of Duesseldorf? The impression is that they arrested a couple of guys to show off there was a bit of justice in the end, but there are people who were openly collaborating with Hitler or with senior nazis and they just said “I didn’t know it” and were just believed.

Also Hitler, if he were alive, or if he had been processed could have said: “I didn’t know what the hell they were doing in Auschwitz, I was never there”. And why the personal secretary of Goebbels could have not known while other people who said the same, and were much more distant from power, were not believed? Or  a person who said “I saw no gas chamber in Auschwitz” was arrested for negationism?

When it is like this, there are people who just don’t want to be dragged into the mud, they show off a bit of justice to the peasants and move on with another operation. Hitler was reported to be Illuminati too, to be deep inside satanic and aztec occultism and this is why he was so near high freemasonry levels and received such huge amount of money that he, little bourgeois, personally couldn’t have and didn’t have.

What’s the plot? The plot is that the zionists wanted the european Jews to colonize Israel ’cause they always wanted Israel to be not Jewish in general but predominantly ashkenazi but the level of “natural” antisemitism in Europe wasn’t enough to convince them to move there to dig the land and build in a desert and fight a cruel war against the local arab population; therefore the need of a trauma that convinced them to go and this is why they, the masonic high finance financed Hitler and this is why they want to make it illegal for the historians to question their official version. Give me one answer: why did these high financial institutions with a masonic jewish admin board finance Hitler?


A reason why the Illuminati liked Hitler, the quote above, how many respectable politicians think the same and oppose real universal education?


No, instead of answering questions they hunt historians, and try to make the question illegal, then make movies, the most tear-dropping they can, with a nice child and a good looking actress to make people shut up. Look at this, a list confirmed of multinationals that did support and collaborated with Hitler and none of their bosses was convicted.

Now we find these confirmed historic pieces of information on … youtube, and at school?

Nazi Germany was organized with the approval of the world establishment. Hitler was a little man brought to power by the world establishment of which Rothschild and the jewish masonic financial system was a big part, they knew he wanted to kill the Jews so why did they help him? A) They wanted to kill the Jews. B) They wanted to traumatize them to move the survivors to fight in Israel for fear.*

These are not necessarily the right answers, but the big problem is the establishment in the form of the jewish lobby wants to make people feel scared of asking the question.

Hitler was Illuminati and was also pretty cruel, the Daily Stormer is just a fake neo nazi portal, it’s a parody of a right wing website, even of a far right wing website, it is there to “prove” that people who are against the jewish lobby are like Hitler.

I am against the jewish lobby and I am against Hitler, Hitler is another dictator that loathes freedom of speech. It’s like the leftists who accuse of being nazi the ones who oppose their no-borders theory and they are both wrong and both paid by the jewish zionist freemasonry. Like Hitler.

The racist issue? That the leftists are anti-racist? No, they’re not. The bosses of the Left are anti-racist only for Europe, for Israel they are extra-racist and want israeli society to remain ashkenazi. As for the little leftists, the minions who go after the jewish bosses who even deny their bosses to be jews even knowing it is true, they are dumbed down by propaganda and feel guilty in expelling the immigrants, that’s only mental control and we must undo that, we are undoing that.

*If all this theory seems to you too complicated or even “unbelievable”, think about ISIS, the USA are both arming and financing ISIS and “doing the war on ISIS”, for them to arm and finance an evil entity and then to do a war against it, it is normal, it’s pretty much their way of doing, I reached the point to believe they do the war for doing the war, but probably there are expansionist plans for control of oil and gas. The fact that ISIS is being trained by american and israeli officers is reported by green berets and people much more trustworthy than Obama. The politicians are treated by the military establishment as professional liars to hire for the purpose, almost all of them in fact are lawyers, the ones who defend a cause without believing it for money.

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