Month: October 2016

Black Shirt Harry. But it doesn’t mean he’s a fascist, in fact the first “black shirt” wasn’t Mussolini, he was…a relative of Harry’s ancestor…the near mythical Robert Guiscard.

Look at this – the above – photograph, I was reading, passing by, the latest gossip about super-hot actress Prince Harry was besotted with till yesterday, after being besotted with Maria Olympia, after Chelsea and Cressida that I know, and… Read More ›

The “Karma Police” wants Renzi & Alfano wiped out together with Bergoglio. Berlusconi President of the Republic, Salvini at the Home Office, Tremonti Prime Minister may work much better and if they’re nothing good either, please God You choose.

God, the Lord, the karma Police angels all want to wipe out Renzi, Bergoglio & Co.: they are destroying Italy together with the actual and the previous President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella and Giorgio Napolitano. They want to substitute… Read More ›