The Jews behave as if the Holocaust had “divinized” them, claim an “infallibility ex cathedra” that not even this pope: the Jews are sinners like the others. End of.



Aztec ritual killing, if the victim was willing to offer himself they believed he would become a god as if the killing were a divinization process.

I would like to make clear, anthropologically and theologically that the Jews that claim a sort of “infallibility ex cathedra” when they talk about racism, Brexit, EU or even the Holocaust, claim something that does not exist. It exists for the Pope in traditional Catholicism and only about religious issues. Not about soccer or whatever else.

The number of jews, marxists and leftists, who behave as if they were judges and juries of the others is impressive, it’s like they have self raised themselves at a superior level for “the holocaust” as if the Holocaust were a divinization process like those pagan ritual human sacrifices where, if the victim was consensual, which thing the Jews obviously weren’t, after the ritual killing he/she became a god/goddess, and they weren’t left human sinners like the others, who can say nonsense about Brexit or immigration like anyone else.

The Jews are not your judges and as judges are anyway pretty partial, they forgive everything to the israelis and nothing to the white straight christian males. They put themselves as directors of lefty newspapers and tell the others: you have to do this as atonement for nazism, you this as atonement for colonialism, you as atonement of…even of being too lean and fat girls feel “uncomfortable” when they see you on a poster.

Now in Sweden they must wake up, this rhino-cow of Expressen journalist/director who wants to kill right wingers must be removed and punished. The Jews are like the others, don’t let them judge you, if you did it, it would be a heresy and an insult to God, and to Our Lord Jesus Christ too. How can they possibly be right if they don’t even recognize Jesus as Messiah?

We must respect the Jews who are not against us, for example Ed Miliband is not against us, David Miliband is, we must not, at least we must “try”, not to make casualties, but the attitude of the “judgy jew” is heretical and anthropologically wrong.

The Jews haven’t got this “infallibility ex-Cathedra” they seem to claim, not even when they talk about the Holocaust they wrongly perceive as a divinification process; when a historian, also a jewish historian like David Cole has to run away because the “other” jews, the “real” jews the jews who behave as if they were the owner of the name almost, which thing they are obviously not, want to lynch him for saying that a reconstruction of the seventies is not an original document of the fourties, I believe everybody knows it’s they who are wrong and he is right and the Guardian that still, for little? who knows? goes after them? It’s wrong too and must revert its attitude.

It’s like the gays; we haven’t got to bully them, but we haven’t got also to give them kids and weddings or tolerate the hate speech laws that limit other people’s freedom of expression.

Now again, this attitude of infallibility ex-cathedra and dogmas and witch hunt and no free speech, where does it come from? Usually or better “traditionally” from the catholic church in its worst moments, and then there is the opinion that the top level of the illuminati is still there.

Anyway. Pray and be conscious that only God can judge and the same God will judge Genteels and Jews. The Jews are with the other human beings and they are sinners like the other human beings.

So, if you know that mass immigration will destroy your country and put your daughters and sons in danger you must stop mass immigration and start a selected one by one type of immigration that’s at least 99% safe. If the Jews turn out and say they want more immigrants – in your country – for you are evil white sinners you must know they are wrong because they judge you and they judge you very diffenrently than they judge Israel, because they are sinners and sinners that refuse to be considered such.

Remember what Jesus Christ said: everyone will be judged for their personal sins NOT for their fathers’s sins.

Now, either you believe Jesus or you believe the Jews, the marxists who have a house in Israel but tell you to be leftist. Remember that for the Jews we wouldn’t have access to the Bible and not even to the Kabalah so that, when Pope Paul IV wanted to publish its basic book the Zohar he had to do it against the will of the roman Jews that didn’t want to spread the Kabalah to the non Jews, Rabbi DiSegni, the Chief Rabbi of Rome even nowadays says “He does not discuss Theology with non jewish religionists”. Jesus opened the door of God’s house for us, we enter Paradise per Jesus Christ Our Lord, and He wants us to be corrected not by the Jews who don’t believe in Him but by Himself. Why is immigration so important? Freedom of Religion partially goes with Freedom of Speech, the ritualistic part does not go with freedom of speech, but if the number of immigrants who do not integrate and assimilate into western society raises they disrupt society and they can disrupt it even deadly entirely, so immigration must be controlled one by one per passport, if a person integrates, fits in he is left in if he doesn’t he must be repatriated, mass immigration without borders, without permission and documents is a masked form of invasion and the marxist Jews or the leftists have no right to impose that as an “atomenmet for the Holocaust” in any case because they are no God, no priest, no jury and not judges. As for the muslims, we respect them, but can we say that “we know better” how to build a comfortable society both for men and women? Sorry for the arrogant “we know better” but we don’t like their society they like ours. And we “know better” because Jesus told us and our ancestors were less obsessive with the male child than others, because the New Testament is vital. The core problem is not even the muslims: it is the Jews who want us to destroy our society through non white christian immigration as an “atonement for the Holocaust” and here we must be firm and say “No, stop, it’s God that will judge us”.

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