So the Aliens don’t give a damn about ADL’s list of prohibited symbols…next time it’ll be Pepe the Frog appearing in the fields…giving the midfinger to Hillary.



Swastika appeared overnight in crop field in Wiltshire. I’m not sure but maybe the date of the appearance is the 24th of August.

It gives a sense of liberation from the above level, liberation from political correctness and the Anti Defamation League’s and the jewish-led Left’s cultural bullying and list of prohibitions. The “Aliens” don’t care, so why should you? Can the judge arrest the aliens? Next time it’ll be Pepe the Frog showing the midfinger appearing overnight in the fields, to Hillary and to the ADL.

The real meaning of the original swastika is of positivity, swastika means “good being” translated usually as “well-being” from sanscrit in India they still use it as a positive message and wish, maybe, they say, Hitler’s “inverted swastika” or mirror swastika was meant as an inverted symbol to mean “bad being”, it is possible. But the Anti Defamation League wanted to prohibit all the swastikas also in the original shape, the “aliens” the “angels” or the “demons” who knows? don’t care, they are “superior” to them, to Rothschild, to Soros, to the Black Lives Matter, what does it mean for us?

A) End of the jewish power.

B) Well being.

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