Once and for All: the Republic of the USA and the Commonwealth Australia are countries built by the whites. We must consider seriously not sharing with the black our culture anymore.


This jewish/black pointing finger must stop.

I don’t like to say “enough is enough” but enough is enough: either some black stop radically saying the whites stole the land and Australia and the USA don’t belong to the white people or we must consider, but seriously, to exclude the black and the asians from our culture. And let them with the cultural tools left to them by their ancestors.

Now I tell you, this story that USA and Australia and New Zealand don’t belong to the whites has gone too far, I know the black and the asians, usually grateful, are fuelled by the marxist Jews of Open Democracy against us, but either they drop it or we drop them.

There are lands and there are states, people who emigrate to Australia or the USA they go there because there is a complex constructed state, not because there are one or two pieces of land where the natives still live with the culture left to them by their ancestors. If I go to Sidney or Melbourne, it’s because it is constructed and if there were only the natives in the land, without a state only a few professors of Anthropology would go there, there wouldn’t be any immigration.

The black who are advanced, are advanced only because the doors of the western civilization’s schools were opened to them, which is not something obligatory, you know. Now they, fuelled by the marxist white jewish professors, complain about too much white culture. It’s time to close the door, the marxist jews are openly our enemies and we must treat them as such, the black and the asians must decide with whom do they want to stay, ok? Or not?


The black, fuelled by the jews, don’t sing the national anthem.

The alternative for us is to become “culturally jealous” and transmit our and our ancestors’s culture only to our physical descendants and leave the others with their genetic ancestry’s heritage. They must stop. One way or the other.

As for the reparation money, remember and tell them: Conquerors don’t say sorry. I never heard that Julius Caesar gave reparation money to the people he conquered and enslaved. All these descendants of slaves and Auschwitz’s victims make me sick. Leave them at what they are, slaves and victims in the guts, in the mind, maybe even in the blood, who knows? To be good with these people is a crime and it seems also rather useless.

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