Religion is for men not for angels, Christianity by Bergoglio and Welby is voluntarily impracticable in real life.


Westminster Abby, Christianity temple or masonic?

Welby and Bergoglio are making Christianity, under request of the jews inside freemasonry, actually impracticable in real life. There is something specific in freemasonry that is anti-christian, all the mistakes and hatred of the jews and the muslims are passed by while christians are continuously accused of not wanting mosques and foreigners till they end to control one’s land, in soccer Bergoglio and Welby would be accused of “doing the cows” that is trying to make their own team lose.

Christianity is a religion and religion are for men not for angels, Bergoglio and Welby make it so difficult that becomes impossible to live with it in real life.

Everything from the New Testament is cancelled but the “atonement” it’s like they rob you of Easter and give you 7 days Holy Friday, and this is hate and this hate comes from the Jews. If Bergoglio or Welby don’t understand this they should be really “ingenuous”.

Where are the people who say that the Jews are wrong because they don’t recognize Jesus Christ as Messiah? Where are the christians condemning the Talmud for it is immoral beyond belief and also sexually perverted? They talk as if the Jews of today were the Jews contemporary to Jesus Christ who believed only in the Old Testament, which they anyway deny to the christians, otherwise they wouldn’t defend the LGBT. Why doesn’t Welby give a glance to the dirty Talmud? A book for perverted and double tongued people. By design. No. They enter freemasonry and drink all the stories the Talmud Jews tell them and I believe at this point they are scared. Or tired, they do the thing they repute more comfortable, sleeping on the cushion of the jewish lobby pretending to believe the lies they are continuously told with the little payment of not being accused of antisemitism.

Why on earth Jesus Christ should want us to build mosques? And take all these muslim immigrants? I would like to remind Welby, and if it were useful also Bergoglio, that Jesus told the apostles to go in other countries to spread the evangel not to stay in theirs and build foreign temples for the foreigners. So it’s evident that once they join freemasonry they de facto change religion.

I always said that if many people in Africa and Asia want to live like westerners we can build western societies also there, societies that must be at least christian and positivist, at best also kabalarian like me, but without 1) Christianity and 2) Positivism they’ll never have anything near a nice comfortable western nation. So, I don’t see why it’s we who should give our territory for foreigners to live like muslims and hindus, the result is always the same.

Exaggerating the element of the atonement and eliminating the rest makes christians run away from Christianity deemed a stupid religion that makes you damage yourself, your nation and your children or accepting it you actually are taking a gun and shooting yourself and even worse your children too “to welcome the refugees” or not to offend the Jews. I am an ex-catholic and I know that first, if you confess a sin with a priest the atonement cannot be: “take a gun and shoot yourself” second, it’s not a rabbi who can give you the atonement, third, if you don’t confess and are not repented the priest shuts up and he can maximum warn you, three times no more, but he’ s not allowed to give you any atonement. Rabbis behave as if the Jews weren’t sinners like the others, they deny the sins of the Jews and ask the others to self repent, they behave as if they thought they are God who can judge and this is heresy. The rabbis are not God that can send you to Paradise or the Hell, they’re just sinners like anyone else; if you enter freemasonry you enter their game and you know it. Exit. Do they use the Holcoaust for justice? No, they use the Holocaust shamelessly for power and for money.

When we die God will judge us, the fucking Jews too.

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