Is Theresa May really going to take 20.000 immigrants shipped voluntarily from Africa to Italy by Alfano & Renzi? At least, they don’t call them refugees any longer.


Theresa May UK PM

This is chilling. It would be chilling if it were true, that Theresa May, who did a very good and sensible and also patriotic speech at the UN, now in practice would be backtracking from her own words and would take 20.000 clandestine immigrants of those “landed” in Italy from Libya. I notice an improvement: they don’t call them refugees any longer, now they finally admit it’s just migrants, one step more and they’ll reach the truth calling them clandestine immigrants. But from refugees to migrants there’s an improvement. First of all Renzi has no duty whatsoever to take these people from a stone thrown from Libya and ship them to Italy to then cry “we can’t cope!” you see, these little pseudo-tricks irritate me. You might have a sort of human duty to rescue sinking people if you find them in your territorial waters, you certainly have no duty to send ships to take them in other people’s or international waters and you know you are taking clandestine migrants, so you must only stop and repatriate them to Africa, and in any case, this immigration crisis, provoked on purpose by people like Renzi, this is what brought UK citizens to vote Brexit; I don’t see why Theresa May should take 20.000 of your clandestines, Renzi is shameful, he really behaves like a human trafficker and what makes me irritated more is that Italy is big and strong enough that if we had a serious government that does the italian interests we would recover from the economic crisis and be a superpower, but no, we have lurid double minded and double faced people who want “the crisis” to get worse so to bring about the globalist plan. And this is immoral.

I hope Theresa May doesn’t accept this, or for next time Nigel Farage PM. How can the british citizens tell you more clearly than they already have done? They don’t want any more mass unskilled or unselected immigration and to prize Renzi’s african clandestines bringing them to the UK is totally against the UK citizens’ interests – who in the end are the ones who’d have to pay – their expressed will and any form of decency. Clandestines must be sent back to Africa and don’t try to illegally skip the queue of regular immigration bribing mafiosi and human traffickers, Renzi is not moral, he is indecent, to prize the ones who broke the law is never a win for the State or for the government, it is automatically a punishment for those who didn’t want to mix with the mafia of the human traffic; they have lost the money, the clandestine immigrants, this is what they must think both they personally and the africans left in Africa who didn’t bribe the human traffickers.

Remember that Renzi’s and Merkel’s plight are really self-inflicted, they must revert their actions not the others copy them.

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