I have to insult Justin Welby: he is not a christian, like Bergoglio, he is a mason and once they enter freemasonry it’s like a re-baptism, they assume another core religion.


Faggot Justin Welby takes orders from jewish rabbis against Christianity through freemasonry.

This son of a bitch of Welby is like Bergoglio just another freemason, and now I want to be clear, very clear with you, freemasonry through the very first initiation ritual makes them “change” religion, their “core” religion is not Christianity anymore, it is another, they just pretend to be christian in front of you to keep the job or even worse to drag you with them into their new religion, where Jesus Christ is not central any more, the Fucking Jews are central, the shitty rabbis and I hate them and I hope Tel Aviv be bombed, they deserve all the hate they gather.


Link to Justin Welby attack on Christianity to deny the Jews did a plot, why, what’s Israel doing in the Middle East full of bombs and rifles, idiot? Without the jewish lobby they couldn’t have all the fucking stupid and unjust international support they have and the arabs would have already cancelled them from the map, it’s the jewish lobby around our nations that keeps Israel in place and if you don’t understand this you are retarded. Since it’s very difficult a professional religionist to be retarded it is more common that they are liars. There is the jewish lobby, freemasons obey a jewish steering board and they push anti-nationalist, anti white agenda here in Europe and in the USA and racism and jewish suprematism in Israel because they are fucking double tongued and it is true, as for freemasonry the first thing they ask to the “christian” who wants to enter is to reduce Jesus Christ to a man like another and people like you do it, Welby, renegade and apostate. I don’t say sorry for anything and stop telling me about atonement, if people don’t recognize Jesus is the Lord and real man and real God they have no intellectual right to use one sentence of the New Testament to try and make christians go against their true interests and be the servant of the fucking smelly jewish rabbis that I loathe even physically.

Why don’t you say directly you think Saint Paul was wrong and change job? If we were pagans, without fucking fake christians leaders like you in the middle of our feet, the Jews wouldn’t laugh that much. Soros would have already being killed and Rotshchild too. And the money of the bank incamerated by the State: you Welby are the real cancer of Europe. The fake christian leaders who entered freemasonry and become slaves of the Jews. You know what? I’m sick of you.

Choose which one of the two do you prefer, but don’t give me any fucking freemasonry, I don’t become a bootlicker of anyone, particularly any fucking jew who’s racist and keeps people away from their group and then asks the others to be “inclusive” I hate you Welby because you know and shut up.

Freemasonry is not compatible with Christianity. They change religion inside the lodges and don’t tell you to keep the rich job in the official churches.

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