Richard LittleJohn about british women flocking to Calais for sex with migrants, he should think about the kind of sex education these women received.

caliasbritishwomenCalais; british, not french or belgian women go there to have sex with immigrants. Link to Richard LittleJohn’s article. It is disgusting, but the last twenty years of british pop and official culture brought there.

Already at the beginning of the experiment of sexual education to prevent early pregnancies the anglican clergy said it, de facto, induced kids to promiscuity, it was true and early pregnancies and abortions raised in number. The leftists, devilish as usual, complained about the bigots and gave condoms and pills to everybody, so also obesity by estrogens raised and unfortunately the rate of early pregnancies and abortions remained high.

While the leftists did everything they could to support the right of muslims women to wear burqas ans burkinis everywhere, they prohibited to christian evangelical girls to go to school with the chastity ring to boast about that they too didn’t give it till marriage. I mean, we all know that the chastity ring was shamefully banned from schools.

It was like white christian girls had to be the “sluts” of the school while muslims could lock themselves in a burqa and this didn’t help integration, it could have helped relationship between races and religions if muslim parents had known that also some christian parents didn’t want their daughter to have sex until married, but the clash of civilizations, the polarization of society was prepared in the plan of the leftists, so segregated schools, burqas and no chastity for white christians. No publicly at least: they have ruined white british girls and even threatened the parents for discrimination, bigotry, et al.

The worst thing is that this happened at school, so even if parents kept healthily their children away from vulgar television they couldn’t escape sending their daughters to school.

The relationship among racial and religious groups was almost impeded by the very same leftists who proclaimed to want anti-racism: remember, they are the devil.

In television and pop culture they had Bridget Jones who taught women to say f**c not as a swear word but to mean “to have sex with” get drunk and even the institutional Telegraph did promote the one night stand as a “must do” to be really à la page. Didn’t they? Pop culture + sexual education at school promoted so overwhelmingly promiscuity that adding the prohibitions to evangelical christians to boast about virginity at school gave the result of depressively promiscuous new british women, who got drunk, did it and even, after a certain age, slept with vibrator. Were british men happy? maybe at the beginning, lately the nightmare of the rape allegations has cooled down a lot the english men, they could be sued for rape after a night that they described as a one night stand, the woman as certain rape, no one remembered for they were both drunk and even like this the man ended up in jail with the result that the cops, male cops, started telling male university students not to have one night stands after a night out because you could end up in jail for rape even if you didn’t do it. Men warned against dangerous women by male cops. This is probably what third wave feminists wanted. British men are scared of the late version of the liberated-rape victim woman and I believe many of them still think they don’t understand the rape allegations. British women end up in Calais to have sex with migrants.

Theresa May who’s the daughter of the Pastor should liberate the evangelical girls and their right to show off their chastity ring, I mean, the leftists, who are against the chastity ring but defend the burkini, and why? They say girls who say they’ll stay virgin till marriage they don’t really do so, after all, they only have sex for the first time a couple of years later, At University* instead of the High School. Well this already for many parents is a relief, to think that your kids don’t have sex at sixteen, but they’ll do it at twenty or twenty two is a victory, they are young men and women, maybe they won’t be drunk they’ll be engaged with a University mate, it’s already something many parents would sign for.

But the leftists don’t like it; they want to give condoms to thirteen year old because “they already do it” no they don’t, and if they do it’s a mistake and it’s the leftists who are clearly paedophiles, buy a kilo chastity rings and give them. And teach them not to get drunk. The leftists with the teenagers they behave like pimps. Save the children.


I said “University mate” only because the leftists’s study talked about doing it at “University” and not at the High School, obviosuly this is only indicative of the age we’re talking about, working class people not only live the same conditions, often it is said their kids are more exposed ’cause they are cut off the puritan christian schools, state schools are said to be worse. I know that the referral to “university” sounds classist, but this is not the aim, I was merely quoting.

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