Diane Abbott complains that the Brexiters are racists, it is true that we don’t want to live in a place where the whites are a minority. I wouldn’t feel at ease.


White America is the enemy of the Illuminati – who like aztec rituals btw.

It would be easy to say that it is the same, in reality no one in Europe wants to end up with the whites or the native ethnicities to be a minority. We feel fine with the native europeans to be at least 99,9%, less than that for Europe is unacceptable, as for Islam we don’t like it and don’t want it. I have given up defending myself from the accusations of racism and antisemitism, no, in reality that’s not the point, I do better than defending myself, attacking. We got rich with our colonialist imperialist past, probably Italy not as much as Britain or Spain, but we italians did “fascism” or better fascism without quotation marks, so we in a way compensated, and we didn’t even earn enough money as others did with colonialism, but let go the italian inability of making money being bad, we were bad for very little and we now miss tremendousluy Gaddafi, for Libya it was ok and I can tell you, he secretely liked Mussolini, but in a wave of libyan patriotism he prohibited the study of italian as a foreign language, I had a libyan friend once who told me “I couldn’t study italian because it was prohibited, but my parents when they wanted to talk and not to make us children understand they talked in italian” I believe the libyans never really hated us and I can say it, I’m sorry we couldn’t save them from the fall of Gaddafi. And I am sorry we couldn’t save Gaddafi himself.

So, I’m officially a bad one, but I like it. I was never really hated and if the libyans don’t hate us I don’t think the others have any reason. The italian Jews? When they come out, they come out to have less migrants like the others with good peace for the Jews who don’t like it.

The numbers of immigration to Western christian countries is rising too much, we don’t want to be a minority to defend our ways, our way of living and to leave to our descendants a piece of land where to develope our western culture. Stop, Diane Abbott is right: we don’t want the black to become a majority in Europe. Is this racism? We were always racists, we are the europeans. We must win, it’s the only thing that counts, then clever people won’thate us and if they do they must not be handling the knife from the side of the grip.

Today after the post about how good it would be to allow christian girls the chastity ring at school etc. I jumped into one of those videos of 1999 it was Many Moore’s “Candy”, Mandy Moore, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson were all pop singers who had to interpret the white christian girl who wants to stay virgin till marriage but then obviously can’t resist the guy, it was done on purpose to demolish the chastity ring christian America, but the video was still a very white video, and it was only 1999. It’s not that you can’t have some mix, I am a mild racist, given me the majority I also like that there are some black and asian in the group, but I confess it without any guilt: I need the whites to be the majority or I don’t like it any longer. I am an animal and a right wing animal, I feel fine only if it is me in command. And I am the daughter of my ancestors, I am still convinced if I command it’s one hundred times better. Kind of.

Shall I give an impression of the white America the leftists want to destroy? I am missing you like candy.

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