Obama the banana Emperor must not think to help the “refugees” putting them on our territory, they can help them only in Africa and Asia and we are about to do like Switzerland: shut the border.

Switzerland shut the borders and did right, I’m happy of the referendum result, the Italians must solve the problems in Italy not running to Switzerland to lower the minimum wage against the swiss workers, moreover, read what were they doing and ask yourself if the swiss weren’t right: they accepted inferior wages to the swiss minimum and lived in Italy where life costs half the price of Switzerland, swiss workers couldn’t accept the low wages because with the swiss cost of life this would have meant to be working poor details here. In any case, it should be illegal to offer a different wage to a resident or a foreigner, but probably the wage dumping happens showily automatically.

Now Obama and Soros must stop saying they want to help the refugees…settling them in Europe, in Europe there’s we and we dont’ want a muslim refugee colony, Obama is black and muslim and he’s behaving like he “brings the others” Europe does not belong to this banana emperor who want to make the illegal immigrants – he brings on purpose – vote in the USA for Hillary, people who have no documents no nationality by handing them fake FBI documents, he is  a banana emperor and people like him transformed the USA in a banana Empire. He’s not even at the height of our civilization like his wife Michelle and their chum Bush. Idiot, you cannot make clandestine immigrants and non-nationals vote, this is the minimum in a civilized society, then they say we say racist things, he must really be born in Kenya, this is the guy who refused Winston Churchill’s statue for it “offended his feelings”.

Either you want your country to work like Switzerland or you want it like the banana Republic of Obama and Michelle, and of that idiot of Bush.

People cannot help the poor giving to the poor my land, Soros can send his refugees to Netanyahu in Israel and Obama to Africa, stop this immigration/relocation thing.

Apropos, have you seen Michelle embracing Bush? Of course Obama, Bush and Clinton did all the same thing: putting in practice the neocon Kivunim plan of destruction of Middle East, now they’ve come out. I still hope Trump is different.

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