EU Democracy: senior Commissioner told Brexiter Norman Tebbit “We make the law. They (the people) obey the Law”. Now Hungary is about to do the Referendum against the quotas.


Norman Tebbit Telegraph Columnist and Prominent Brexiter

Only this sentence taken from Norman Tebbit’s article on the Telegraph is worthy reading the newspaper; it summarizes what’s wrong with the EU, while proclaiming, lying, to stand for democracy and the rule of Law in reality when they play the tough imperialists without an army – and that’s why it’s better not give them one – they talk completely differently: this is the relationship between the EU and “its” citizens, from Tebbit’s article: 

At it worst, the attitude of senior people in the European Commission was summed up by one who told me: “We make the law. They (the people) obey the law.” Today, however, there can be no doubt that in any conflict between British and European law the latter has supremacy and in any conflict the European Court of Justice trumps our Supreme Court.

Norman Tebbit is a brexiter. Not even the pharaohs of Egypt would talk like this “we make the law, they obey the law”, it’s a disaster and may I tell you? It’s a disaster humanly: the commissioners are human beings who lie. And who think everybody who has a twopence in their pocket is on their side against the citizens, the “they” who have to “obey” the law made by the commissioners without any democratic interference; no wonder the rain of referendums to save democracy, the most direct democracy against these bullers these “smooth” bullers; they know what they’re doing, they lie knowingly, also as for the relocation/attempted relocation of asian/african immigrants that they call, lying again, “refugee crisis”, they know what they want to do and they are 100% aware to be doing it against us the citizens, there’s something clarifying in this sentence that would make any democratic or decent person turn into an outer, a brexiter, goodbye or I shoot: they are evil at the EU and they want to seem smooth and human. Also Renzi is a liar, also Obama, the EU supporters are probably paid for lying and they probably talk differently when they talk to one another and think the other agrees with their plan. Let’s hope it will end soon. The EU is that thing “we make the law. They, the people, obey the law”. Tell Hungary if they want to obey your law, the second part of the sentence is not true, Hungary and Switzerland are in full autonomist mode, the EU is there to try and crash them down, using migrants, using the “laws”, using photographs of children, using the “human rights” which makes them a failure not only economically, but also at a human level, the tricky liars who boast about values they don’t believe in, the used/broken cars peddlers who lie as a job to earn their bread. In Europe? Yes, in Europe. Get rid of them, it’s the minimum.

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